Thursday, April 28, 2016

19 months of knowing heaven on earth - MLEC

Little miss sunshine just keeps on shining.   She makes herself the life of the party, no matter the occasion.  She loves big, enjoys life big, gets upset big, and wants be big! 

Her interest in baby dolls has peaked as she has begun carrying one of them around and pretending to feed it, brush it’s teeth and hair, and rock it night night.  Her love for horses has only grown and she has a new favorite that she loves to take on walks around the house. 
She is catching onto the semantics of language and cutely asks “happened?” whenever she hears me say uh oh or sees a mess.  Speaking of messes, the girl loves to clean up and is quick to point to anything dirty and say “mess”.  The vacuum use to be the only thing to put her to sleep but she can not stand it these days; just the sight of it makes her scream “ceen” (clean!)
 As she continued to show her big personality biting has become one of her unfortunate ways of expressing her displeasure with a situation.  It could be anything in sight, every square inch of a grocery cart, a rock, a swing, her arm, her shirt, my leg, her brother's arm, Ohhhh anything really!  We aren't sure when this phase will leave but we will sure be glad when it is. 
She has started singing with us to songs and at times will make up her own too!  It started with her beginning to sing along with "Oly Oly Oly" Lord God "aiiity" early in the "moning" my song will rise to "the".  "Oly Oly Oly" merciful and "aiiiighty" God in three persons blessed "tiiiinnnntyyyyyyeeee".
She likes to start singing Head, shoulders, knees and toes, No more monkees, and We are the Dinosaurs too.  
 This month she has become more than just a parrot, attempting to repeat just about anything she hears someone say.  The growth in vocabulary has hit me with such rapid fire I can’t keep up.  She has begun to put more words together into two word phrases like:  
hi mommy/daddy
bye bye mommy/daddy
hol ju baby
nigh night baby
bye puppy
puppy dog
doggy kick 
big tuckn (truck)
mo chocit
ice ceam

We have continued to find “chocit” treats to give her with more and more companies carrying dairy and soy free options.  She did spins over her first ice cream bar and always has a smile when she’s given a chocolate bar.  Of course if you give her a piece of chocolate you are guaranteed to here her say “mo chocit” when she’s finished. 
You're going to take this world by storm in so many ways sweet girl; I just hope we are all ready.   I love you more now than ever, if I could freeze time in these days I would do it in a heart beat! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Celebrating 4 years of Henry Thomas

 It has been our little tradition to bake his birthday cake together and it sure warms my heart.  He likes to help cook but when it's his cake he knows there's going to be extra bowl looking.....or counter licking.  Spending one on one time with him is always a treat.  

 He had a pre birthday dinner celebration at his favorite spot, Miyako.  Both sets of grandparents being there made the evening extra special and he was beyond delighted to hear them sing happy birthday.  

and Just like that we awoke to our baby boy awoke to a bright a shining four year old.  Better than ever and more loved than he will ever know.  
 We had the most darling day celebrating him.  From opening gifts, to enjoying snuggles, to celebrating with cousins, grandparents and friends.  It was a perfectly wonderful birthday for my big boy.  

Cracker Jacks as a pre breakfast appetizer.
Enjoying his bacon and french toast.  

 We love surprising him with his big boy bike!  

 Although we realized pretty quickly it's going to take some getting use to.  :)  He zips around at lightning speed on his balance bike but has a bit more growing to do before he will feel fully comfortable on this one.  
Henry's aunt Katie and cousins came up for the day to help celebrate with us.  We headed out to Malibu Jacks at Henry's request to play putt putt, little did he know he would be able to enjoy all the perks being 4 brings you......Oh yeah, go cart rides here we come!
 This sweet sweet boy sure enjoyed having the attention on him for his most special day.  There were many times leading up to this moment that he expressed how excited he was to be turning 4.  
That's right darling boy, make a wish.  Mommy prays they all come true, but when they don't I hope you won't let it get you down for long; there's far to much world out there to tackle for that.  

 Joining the big kid club is legit awesome guys!  
 Henry informed us pretty quickly that "there's no room for adults at the table".
 Little sweet pea had her own sorta celebration as she enjoyed her first bite of cake.  We found a recipe for egg, soy, dairy free cake that tasted mighty delicious!
 We had a great day celebrating and ended up dragging it out another three weeks with a birthday party that had to be rescheduled due to weather.  It was definitely worth the wait as Henry enjoyed going out early with his daddy to watch BP and get a behind the scenes look at the ball field.  From getting to chat with the coach to fist bumps with the players he was on cloud nine.  He was also given a ball signed by Scratch and the Wildcat, and later Scratch came to join the party by our tent.  It was a great day spent with some of his buddies running, cheering, popcorn and cake eating.  

Happy Happy Birthday Henry Thomas!  You are such a treasure in our lives!