Saturday, April 9, 2016

Happy Masters Weekend!

Until this kid there is no way on earth I would have turned to a game of golf; but starting Thursday that's really all we have had on here.  Before it's available to watch live on television he has built ts and watched it on the iPad.  
 He has then wanted to go outside and hit some balls of his own, and then inevitably has fallen asleep to the whispers of golf in the background.
After reading our book Masters A to Z for the past few weeks Henry has been making requests for egg salad sandwiches.  Yesterday he helped me whip up a batch and when it was served he asked me where the green paper was to put it in.  I guess it's all about attention to detail.  (Goodness help me!)
 This time last year we were hosting a Masters themed birthday party for the little guy.  His Nanny sewed this sweet little green jacket for him to wear and boy did he sport it proudly.  This year lil' sis is getting to model it around and while saying "gof" and clapping at shots.

Happy Nap days!

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