Friday, January 19, 2018

Hot Cocoa Slime

Hot cocoa slime was the PERFECT indoor activity for a bitterly cold day.  When you're in kindergarten and you have you're first snow day it's kind of a big deal.  We picked up our snow on a weekend which is perfection when you are a family with a wee little babe.  But our first bonafide snow day fell on a Tuesday and the bitter cold temps paired with a baby brother meant no outdoor play till daddy was home.  So we found other ways to have festive fun.  
The kiddos love to make slime and when I saw an idea for hot cocoa slime I knew we had to try it out.  
We cut up real mini marshmallows for decoration and sensory play.  
 Found an adorable assistant.
and mixed coco powder, baking soda, and glue all together
added some glue
saline solution and stirred.

Mr. Imagination was excited to pretend play with his own hot cocoa stand.  I bought several cups off of him and at that high price point I hope it was laced with gold. 
Whenever we have sensory play it always takes a minute for ML to remember that messes on her hands don't mean she's going to die.  She has definitely come along way over the years (she use to breakdown at first touch of anything different)  but we still have our moments and just try to talk about how we can clean off the mess.  This time we took several breaks for her to go wash her hands but she always came back wanting to play again.  Adding the cocoa powder gave the slime a yummy chocolate smell, another sense being worked and adding extra fun to our play. 
Both kiddos had a blast when we broke out their hot cocoa mugs and were eager to whip up batches to sell me.  Henry quickly created a sign for the grand opening of his hot cocoa shop and I pretend drank so much slime I didn't even need lunch.  
Our overall experience was super fun and the kids always love sitting down to make slime or play dough.  It was a perfect snow day activity and I would definitely make it again.  We would however use something besides real marshmallows.  The original recipe I found said to use them but we discovered they got extra slimy after about 20min of play causing ML to have some unhappy moments.  Especially, when one found it's way down her did however provide entertainment for her big brother and a lesson from mom on how to help a sista out.  :)  
If we run across any packing peanuts or foam pieces we will betraying this activity again.  
H and ML have played with the slime on repeat and used beads as mallows too.  
Cheers to indoor winter fun!  
Hot Cocoa Slime:
4oz (ish) glue *we use Elmers
1/2tbs baking soda
1-2 tsp cocoa powder
1TBS contact lens solution +more if you're having issues with it sticking to hands.  

This is your typical slime recipe but adding the cocoa powder made ours a little harder to mix everything together so we ended up adding a tad bit more glue.  


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christmas 2017 All Wrapped Up

Closing out Christmas Eve by bringing the north pole to our home is such a privilege.  I love the anticipation as we tuck them into bed and wonder how their little faces will light up in the morning.  
 The room was busting with running, smiling, and squealing with delight as they rushed into the room  to find evidence of Santa's visit.  "How did he know that was exactly what I always wanted!?" Henry exclaimed as he laid eyes on his chainsaw, megaphone, and race track.  Mallie Lynn was a giddy little princess to find her Tracker and Everest Pup, the two little things she had obsessed over for months.

Our morning couldn't have been more perfectly orchestrated.  Ford slept while Henry and Mallie Lynn enjoyed the first part of their Christmas morning which meant both Barry and I were able to watch them in all their excitement with full attention.  He woke up a happy little prince and enjoyed his first Christmas like a champ.  He truly loved his presents and was interested in playing with his baby toys for quite some time.  
What a gift we were given in him.  Last Christmas I couldn't have imagined that we would be hanging another stocking this season and filling our home with more love than we ever knew was possible.  It was such a sweet morning celebrating our Savior, gifting each other, and then taking a moment to relax and play.  
 This is what Henry looks like when he gets a new mask, bike helmet and snow boots at the same time.  He HAD to put them all on so he could go outside and patrol the neighborhood.  What a character this awesome little guy is.
 Our day ended with a relaxing get together for our Cooper Christmas get together.  Spending our time enjoying conversation, eating delicious food, and watching our kiddos as entertainment was a wonderful way to wrap up the holiday.  When the hustle stops bustling, and the presents are all unwrapped it's nice to just sit down and relax with your loves.

 This guy.  Gets a spy kit and decides he needs to dress and act the part of Inspector Gadget to arrive at his Gran and Pops in style; what a little entertainer.
 Another Christmas is packed away and along with it the memories to hang onto for a lifetime.  I'm so grateful for the gift of Christmas and topping it off with the family God has given me is the icing on my sugar cookie.  I just might start celebrating the day after Halloween next year so I can pack in all the moments I possibly can on this joyous holiday.