Monday, February 4, 2019

Daddy Daughter Dance 2019

This, is why I like to take pictures.  Sometimes the emotions of a moment can be captured far better in a photo than in words, allowing us to process and experience it in a slow and powerful way.  As I sat down to look through these pictures I saw so much that made my heart soar with delight.
This little girl is often selfless beyond measure.  On Saturday she had a day that was just for her, and she felt it.  The 2019 HerKnight dance brought excitement, confidence, and joy that couldn't be stopped and neither could her twirls.  Her first daddy daughter dance was talked about throughout the year and she still lovingly refers to her shoes she wore as "daddy daughter shoes".  As the date of this years HerKnight approached her anticipation built.

"Daddy, did you like my dress?  I picked it out of them cause I sought you'd problllly like it."
Rarely does Mallie Lynn enjoy attention;  so seeing her proudly show off her dress and sparkly bow to the boys for the first time made my heart leap.  She had confidently chosen "mommy's wipgloss" in a fun pink and told me she didn't want curls or a pony tail.  She knew exactly which dress she wanted and chose one that was her "perfect pink".  An ear to ear grin swept across her face as she admired her fancy look in the mirror and quickly skipped to the door to proudly show off to the boys when they walked in the door.  I won't forget the genuine joy she exuded as Barry lifted her into a big hug, and her brother's jaw dropped as he fell to the floor and told her she looked like Cinderella.  
She is strong and yet tender hearted and runs on happiness expressed through a contagious smile.  She loves big and hard, and is loyal to the core.  I see so many fruits of the spirit growing in her that I know God will prune, feed and nurture with the utmost care.  It is a gift to watch her grow but ohhhhhhh how I wish it would go just a bit more slow.  

See that girl?  She is confident in love and admiration.  It's important to take the time to slow down and give our kids a moment to shine on their own.  To give them undivided attention and just enjoy their company without the distraction of anyone or anything else.  I pray this girl knows her worth in Christ, that we can instill the truths of how fearfully and wonderfully made she is.  While that won't happen because daddy took her to a dance, I do think it's one building block of the many we hope to create for her and make that foundation in who she was made to be, firm in truth.   A father daughter relationship that points to her heavenly Fathers perfect love is what every little girl deserves.
She gets a lot from her daddy, from looks to the untaught selfish way she loves.  If there was ever a girl wrapped around her daddy's heart her name was Mallie Lynn.  She can always get him to agree with a middle of the night cuddle, one more snack, and one more piggy back ride.

 I wish I could have been a flower in vase as these two danced their hearts out.  Quite the turn around from last year, she gave high fives to the costumed characters, took pictures with princesses and danced until daddy was too sweaty for his jacket!
 What's a date without special dessert?  Daddy sure has fun with his darling girl!