Saturday, September 20, 2014

Catching a tiger by it's tail.

We recently took Henry to Cincy for his first trip to the zoo.  He of course just loved the fact we were heading to Cincinnati and expected to see a baseball player or two because of our location, instead he was greeted by giraffes, lions, and penguins. 

He requested to see the giraffes, gorilla, armadillo, and bears, all of which we were able to find, minus the armadillo.  He got a complete kick out of watching the penguins as they waddled to the water and jumped in. 
 The train ride, bears, hugging monkeys, and tiger were all highlights of the trip in the eyes of this 2 year old.  
 We spotted the tigers at the end of the trip when everyone was exhausted, but that didn't stop him from finding a sudden burst of energy to pace back and forth with a large striped cat, saying "hey tiger, tiger and singing to it."  :) 
A great day with our sweet boy making memories that will last us a lifetime.  Next time we hit the zoo it will be as a family of four!

MLEC - we've made it the distance.

We hit quite the milestone around here last week as we hit the milestone of being 9 months pregnant.  This news was overshadowed in our heads as we learned that you may be entering the world sooner than later.  On Tuesday we saw your tiny little body on the ultrasound and were thankful to hear that you are a healthy girl.  Though small for your gestational age you are mighty, and I believe quite strong given the power behind your kicks and punches.  At 2cm, 85% effaced and in 0 position we were informed that you were not going to "go the distance", as Dr. Butler put it. 
So we immediately scrambled sitting at four weeks from your due date to make all the last minute small details happen.  I became more exhausted with each passing day as my body prepares for your arrival.  There have been nights of cramping, contractions, and anxiousness.  Yet, a week later you are still snuggled down in there, being patient, growing, and gaining weight.  We have passed 37 weeks where your big brother made his arrival, and I'm beginning to wonder if you'll actually come on your due date!
I'm reminded that only God knows when your birthday will be, and just as everything else in this world, it will be perfectly timed.    So I'll soak up these moments because they are fleeting; for now your hiccups are not heard and your wiggly hands and toes are not seen but I feel them.  Every evening I lay down to watch your nightly ritual of dancing in my belly, your graceful moves bring smiles to our faces. 
My little human brain can not fathom what you will be like, how much we will love you, or just how perfectly made by God you will be.  I know that our heart are being prepared for the moment we get to meet you and the excitement is building!  A gown fit for your little princess body is ready and waiting in your crib, your nursery prepared and put together with love.  There are many people getting anxious to meet you, covering you in prayers until we can also cover you in kisses.  We love you darling daughter. 


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two in more than one way.

 A few weeks ago our big boy began a new adventure as he started a 2 year old program two days a week.  I'm in love with the structure of the learning environment and excited for him to get out of his Henry shell and make new friends.  (though if I had a shell that awesome I would want to stay inside it all the time too).  We took pictures for his big first day and I asked him to hold up two fingers for his class....this is what we got. 
Completely darling?  I think so. 

Moments where I realize he is becoming a big boy happen so often lately.  9 month pregnant hormones begun to kick in and tears of thankfulness and uncertainty are quickly blinked away more than once a day now as our journey of a family of three comes to a close.  I am certain he will be the most wonderful big brother.  Though his world will shift to having to share attention and his family I know this resilient boy will be just fine.  I wonder how our relationship may change and a large part of me fears this unknown world of being a momma to two.  
As the tender age of two becomes testier at times I am the one he tends to push back on, because I am here to love and discipline.   We have been in a phase for quite some time where being cuddly and lovey with mommy just isn't what he wants, and that's O.K. I'm with him most of the time.  His love and admiration for his daddy is growing stronger in a way that makes his whole body jump with excitement when he enters the door.  It's the most precious thing to see. 
My prayer for us is that he never questions the love we have for him, or somehow in his toddler mind thinks it has changed.  I know I will struggle as all new mothers of two do, and I pray that I can find that balance between caring for a newborn, cherishing the fleeting moments as she grows at a lightning fast speed, and still showing Henry he's my forever baby boy.
It's so weird to say that at the end of this pregnancy I find myself being sad but it's true.  I can't help but think that I will miss the times when it was just Henry.  How can I feel that way while simultaneously being excited and thankful at the life of our new daughter we are so anxious to meet.....?  It's something I can not explain but I know in my heart that God will take care of it all.  Once she is here it will be as if this was how it was meant to be all along.  For now I'll remain the crazy hormonal pregnant lady who may give her baby boy too many unwanted kisses, squeeze him a little too tight, and blink back tears when we tell him goodnight. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pillow Talk and Freckles

 When you're two, adorable, and choose to wake at hours earlier than your 3rd trimester mommy deems appropriate you start a new morning routine.  Yes mommy is left with no choice but to bring 30lbs of cuteness into bed with her.  I'm lucky that for at least 15 blissful minutes he lays there quietly, sometimes eyes closed and other times open staring out the window or watching the fan.  The quiet accompanied cuddles are sometimes sprinkled with small sweet moments that are truly the cherry on top.  Those cherries sometimes come in the form of a surprise kiss, or a gentle rub on the cheek with beloved blanky all initiated by this darling angel boy. 
The silence usually ends with a "hey mom" or "let's go play mommy'.  But last week he broke our morning silence with "I like your freckles Mommy".  (*Insert mommy grin)  "You have lots of dem."  Yes I do have a lot of them,  always have.  "Can I touch dem?"  :)  (*grin) sure you can. 
About a month ago I noticed the tiniest spray of freckles peppered across his cheeks and nose.  How they could be forming under SPF 50 and a constant hat is beyond me.  Maybe I have given you the gift of freckles too.  Maybe someday part of your heart will lie down next to you and in a small sweet voice share their affection for those sun kissed circles.  

I love this boy so much the thought of him makes my heart swell to the point of needing a deep breath.  What a blessing. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

33 Weeks -MLEC

 Sweet baby girl, it's been a while since I've sat down and written to you.  We have had a lot going on  over the past few months and of course you know all about being busy.  While you have been working hard on growing healthy and strong the world outside here has been preparing a place for you.  You're full of movements that can rock my core from one side to the other and I'm beginning to get to know your patterns.  Unfortunately you are going to come out a total night owl.  That's alright though, your big brother taught me that if nights are made for anything other than sleeping it's rocking and soothing a baby.  As I write to you tonight your nightly ritual of dancing in my belly.  Moving from side to side and pushing with all your might, I can tell you're quickly running out of room in there. 
We're getting more excited with each passing day about your arrival, anticipating the moment we get to meet you. 
We found the home we will welcome you into and have been busy bees as we prepare it for your arrival.  You now have a place where you will lay your sweet head, sheets cleaned and ready to go.  There is a closet slowly filling with sweet little things; quite different from the closet across the hall pale pinks, vintage flowers and little subtle ruffles line the  wall.
  Your brother and daddy have been talking to you quite a bit lately, and I just know you can feel their love for you through my belly.  Although I've been down this road before, I'm still amazed by the fact that I can't imagine what life will be like once you're here.  Impossible to imagine what your face will look like, how you will smell, or the sweet sounds you'll make.  What I can imagine is you filling a space in my heart that I never knew was there.  A space God created perfectly for you, it grows each day you grow and it's a feeling that won't go away.  Soon I'll place you inside it, and you'll fit like a glove, molded to perfection to be forever mine.  I love you darling angel girl, 7 weeks till you arrive.....or maybe even sooner.  Let the countdown begin.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Take Me Out to my first MLB game.

The classic tune of Take Me Out to the Ballgame was quickly picked up by our baseball loving 2 year old on warm July day.
He attended his first Reds baseball game and as he would tell, you they were playing the "Caugo Cubs".  He wiggled with excitement as he entered the stadium, saw Homer Bailey throwing a pitch, saw the batters, catchers, and dugout that he had seen on T.V. so many times before.  His mind seemed to be blown for the day as we experienced hotdogs, crunching peanuts and the traditional singing everyone adores during the 7th inning stretch. 
He saw many of the big heroes he so adores.  Unfortunately Joey Votto was on the DL, but that didn't stop him from asking about him a few dozen times.

12 innings later.............someone felt a little exhausted from the big day.  He ate up every second of the experience, yelling "Hey batter batter!" "Go Reds!" or simply laughing a belly laugh.  The only time he wanted to get up from our seats was when he needed a diaper change and when we offered him ice cream.  He walked away with a real batting helmet which he wore until he couldn't any longer.......

He held onto it the entire ride home.  Memories made and a day well spent making our sweet Henry happy. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello Summer, Where have you gone?

What do you mean summer's coming to an end?  

This summer has been a busy blur.  more so than any I can remember.  With us constantly searching for a place to live to finally finding a house and moving this momma (of almost 2) has had very little time to blog.  So I'm trying to catch up and deliver a summer review in pictures.....
We've had a great time along the way from dancing in the rain.........
Enjoying his first ice cream cone was a success. 
 The only place I can lay on my belly....ahhhhhh and floating with this little cutie isn't bad! 
We can't believe Elise turned 5 but we sure had fun celebrating her! 
 We celebrated his buddy Lock finding out he would be having a little sister too! 

We were all pretty pleased to finally find a home!  Henry has given it his seal of approval too. 

We had fun getting messy....and fun cleaning up too. 

Lots of basketball, baseball and golf have been played. 
One of my favorite little mornings was spent taking Henry to Winchells for his first experience with the amazing blue and white pancake.  
Of course we celebrated National Doughnut Day as a family.  :)
 Days spent being 100% boy with our wonderful group of little guys we've been so blessed to be surrounded with.

 In this busy time we have experienced I have savored these moments.  Small frozen portions of time where my growing boy and I have been able to enjoy life, in forms I never knew before this little one.  Lunch stops at random construction sites. 
 A Friday night spent playing family putt putt. 
 Laughing at flying dirt. 
 Homemade popsicles that bring squeals of delight, shaking legs and arms, and smiles from ear to ear. 
Overcoming the fear of the whale slide.

A little boys big imagination.
 Watching his eyes light up and dreams come true as we headed up to Cincy to attend his first Reds game.  (more to come on that soon)
The summer has flown by in a way I couldn't have imagined.  Life is fast and wonderful but when you pack this many big changes into one small period of time it goes at lightning speed.  I'm ready to slow down.  I'm ready to bring a new baby home, who will give us a reason and excuse to say no to busy and yes to boring.  Boring sounds nice.  :)