Monday, October 2, 2017

RPC the life that you bring

This pregnancy journey began on February 9th, a day I will never forget.  God whispered in my ear this baby will grow healthy and strong and we have been awaiting your arrival ever since.
You made my heart smile the first time I heard your heartbeat and the first time I felt your little soul move.  Those smiles have only gotten bigger and more important as the pulls of life have swallowed my time, thoughts, and attention it has been quite a challenge to focus on the reality that you are coming, you are real, and you are mine.  It has been such a pleasure to feel you say hello to me, a little nudge here and a big roll there you love to make your presence known.  Now more than ever I just can not fathom how wonderful you will be.
You have already brought a side out in your brother that I didn't realize was there.  His love for you is so strong.  He checks on you first thing in the morning and loves to tell you goodnight.  He has grown more and more curious about when you will arrive asking to us questions and shouting to you "come out come out wherever you are!"  We often lay still as he talks to you and watches as you dance across my belly.  Of course I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, I think he's one of your favorite sounds to hear.  

Your sister is starting to grasp the important role she will have when you arrive.  She loves to give you kisses and hugs and talk about how cute you are, but more than that she can't wait to take care of you.  There are so many things she's excited to share with you from her special water bottle to her stuffed animals.  She has worked kissing and hugging you into her bedtime routine and I can only imagine the joy when she gets to hug you in person.   
Your Daddy already smothers you with kisses and love but more important than that, prayers.  He is is in awe of you and can't get over the fact that you will soon be here as we watch your big movements at night.  You're so blessed to have this man to look up to as you grow.  
You've already helped make our family feel like a more complete version of ourselves and we are so excited to meet you.  Now we sit and wait for the best surprise God can give us, for no amount of science out there is able to detect what He already knows.  Your brother and sister have asked repeatedly when you will be coming out and as your arrival day comes closer we wake each morning with a little excitement and anticipation in our hearts.

 Somehow we've arrived at the end of our road in pregnancy.  For 9 months it's been you and me working together under God's hands to grow and shape your soul's treasure box.  I know you are strong, you like to listen to your family, and you love to dance from 11-1am, other than that you are a mystery.  The past few weeks I've started to wonder how I can know so little about you yet love you so much?  It's that amazing work our creator does when he knits a new life together.  I can not picture what life will be like with you or how my heart will expand to new heights and places but it will.  I can't imagine what you will look like, how your little breaths will feel against my chest, or what color your eyes will be; and though my human brain can not picture all that is unknown about you my faithful heart knows it will be good, and better than I could ever try to imagine. 
I love you so RPC.  See you soon!!!


Monday, September 25, 2017

Three Years of heaven on earth, my sunshine girl.

 There's a reason I call you my sunshine girl.
 From the moment you wake till you lay down at night, you make the world smile.
Today we celebrate 3 years of loving your soul and watching you grow.  I'm so thankful for this day, thankful for your health, for your happiness....oh your happiness!!!  and I'm thankful that God gave me the gift of being your mother.

 You showed us you wouldn't back down from a challenge even as an infant, but your strong willed ways have been quite apparent in this last year of development.  You won't let someone tell you what to do even if you have to shout your opinion from the roof tops (or dining room table).  There is a constant playfulness in your personality that makes it hard for anyone to be upset at you for more than a moment and you have learned how to butter us up with the thickest of smile laced spreads.
 Your heart is made of pure gold.  The way you love others and want to make them smile is a gift from God.   Someone gets hurt?  You're right there to check on them.  Someone runs out of a drink or food?  You're the first one to offer to help them get more, even when the task is bigger than what you can handle.  You are a natural caregiver and a compassionate soul that will be a gift to this family for all of your life.  
 You love something fierce, and it can be seen so very clearly in the way you treat your brother.  He is your favorite person in all the land and there's nothing he can do wrong in your eyes.  You are his biggest cheerleader and you delight in making him happy too.  A million times you've told him "Henry, I love you."  "Henry you so handsome."  and a million more times you'll say it with all the truth in your heart.  If there's a moment he finds himself upset, sad, or scared you are full of compassion by his side checking on him with complete sincerity.  
Just in case you ever doubt the way he feels about you, let it be recorded that he once gave you a hug as he left for school, patted you on the head and said this: "Have a good day Moo!" turned around and patted you on the head and then walked to the car as he professed "Ah Moo, I like Moo! She's cute, and funny and she's fast and has puffy cheeks!"  That's true love there sister.  
The way you love is pure, you dare not hold back a single ounce of what you can give to someone and for that my darling girl you are already admired.  So far in life you lack a selfish bone in your body and would gladly share your last piece or favorite toy with a smile on your face.  
 When I think of how our life has been arranged by God this year I think many thankful thoughts.   God always planned for you to be a big sister, you were made for this role in life.  I can not wait to see how perfectly you adore your baby brother and how much big help will come from tiny little you.  
Mallie Lynn Estelle three years ago my heart grew as I held a baby girl in amazement for what God created.  In you I see a fire that will never be easily put out and a light and love for life that is hard to find.  You are going to do some incredible things for His Kingdom I just know it, and I'm blessed to call you mine.  
 I love that:
You are a spitfire, little spunky monkey, and a jokester all rolled into one beautiful personality.  
Your sense of humor and love for laughing keep us all rolling.  
You can run like the wind and rest assure no one can out match your energy.  
You're a daddy's girl through and through and no one gets him emotional quite like you do.  You are blessed with one of the best.  He loves you so tenderly, so dearly; I hope you never doubt the princess you are to him.  

Sweet Mallie Lynn, Moo Moo, Moo, Sunshine Girl, Sugar Girl, Sweetie Pie..........You're all of it and more and we wish you the happiest of Birthdays.  Thank you for being you, for being so amazing at 3! I love you dearly.

Love you more than all the marshmallows,
Your proud Mama