Thursday, March 8, 2018

5 months of knowing heaven on earth

5 months of loving you has been oh so easy for us to do.  I'm so thankful for the time that I get with you.  Looking back at what life is like these days, I'm glad I have laundry messes, chores undone, dark circles under my eyes, and rarely wear anything but leggings these days because it means I'm holding you.  You love to be with me and prefer to be carried around the house like a prince vs. swings, play gyms, or mats.  You have the biggest grin on your face when people talk to you, especially your brother and sister.  The sweet way you talk to yourself and us now is just priceless and I can only imagine the conversations we will someday have.
Look at how tall this little baller is!
If my muscles don't stop you dead in your tracks these baby blues surely will!
Gosh that sounded a little bit braggadocios didn't it....
I'm sorry, sometimes the truth just comes out.
Maybe this next month I can work on that humble thing.....
In the meantime I'll just keep flexing.
and dabbin.

 Loves- Family, having your feet clapped together, being carried, nursing, being swaddled, looking at your play gym, pat-a-cake, being held facing out to see the world, playing walk/run with daddy and Henry, chewing on your hands, and reading.  You now get extremely excited when being read to and find it hard to sit still.  Your eyes light up, your arms and legs start moving quickly and you often squeal as you take everything in.  

Sleep:  Well ya know that four month sleep regression thing?  I guess we found it.  Lots of night waking and naps are still short lived.  I have been nursing a lot at night to try and build up that immune system as we fought flu germs in our house.  

Feeding: Feeding is something you love to do and often.  We have zero feeding schedule and you are my on demand baby without a doubt.  I'm thankful for every little moment we get together sweet boy. Our bedtime feedings have become quite the bonding session.  You have a new routine of nursing for a few minutes and then stopping to chat with me.  It is the cutest little thing and melts my heart right into the floor.  Sometimes you are serious and chattering and other times you just want to hold my hand, coo, and grin.  Anyway you choose to communicate I will soak up with a sponge and I hope it is a sign that you will always love having conversations with your mama.  Call me anytime, anywhere, this mama is always here to listen.  

Awake: You have become really observant and pay attention to every little thing that happens in your world.  You love kisses, being sung to, reading books, and watching your siblings.  You also enjoy bath time and have had lots of fun in the jumparoo this month.

Dislikes: night time diaper changes, putting yourself to sleep, being cold, having gas, coughing, being held on your back.  

Size: You are filling out more and more and becoming a heavier little stud every day.  We are all loving your fuller cheeks and think they make you look a lot like your brother as a baby.  

Milestones: FEET!  You found your feet and grabbed a hold this month.  You now love to do leg lifts and stare at them, it's insanely precious!  Rolling from side to side and though you have rolled over completely it isn't your favorite trick in the bag.  Standing in your jumparoo and kicking your legs.

5 months going on 6 and I hope we can slow down time just a little bit more these next few weeks.  I'm not ready for you to be half a year old my baby boy.

Loving you dearly,

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Daddy daughter dance.

She loves bigger than her smile, and is the light in any room.  With a new baby in the house and a big brother who loves the center stage we certainly hope she knows how much love we have for her, because she truly melts us.  
Barry scored tickets to a special daddy daughter dance and had asked her if she would want to go with him.  For weeks she talked about it and asking us daily if it was her "Friday yet, is it daddy daughter dance yet?"
I brought home her dress one day and she could not wait to put it on to show Barry.  She picked out the perfect shoes to go with it and she loved trying them on and practicing her dance twirls.  
I know she's only three, but getting her ready for a fancy night out, fixing her hair, and seeing how excited she was to go out with her date gave me a glimpse of years to come.  
The morning of the dance she informed me she needed her nails painted, and I could have died!  I had never mentioned anything about it and it is hilarious to me that that was on her mind.  
Our light saber, super hero loving princess traded in her cape for a dress and glittery bow; nothing like a well rounded girl to knock a man's socks off.  
 and knock his socks off she did.  I'm so thankful for the father B is to our children, he is exceptional in many ways but what a perfectly loving daddy to a little girl.  This night made her feel so special and adored just as God's royal child should. 

 As excited as she was to go dance with daddy, nothing put a smile on her face like Henry hopping in for a picture.  She literally grinned ear to ear and wrapped her arms around him so tight I wasn't sure she'd let go. 
 and neither was he. 
 The night was so sweet and special, and I look forward to more daddy daughter moments like this where she learns what true love looks and feels like, knows her worth and has her expectations set high. 

So did she have fun?  Yes, but she could have done without all the cowbells.  Her favorite restaurant came in full force surving food and filling the dance floor with mascot cows on the dance floor.  She was less than comfortable with these dressed up animals walking around on two legs with top hats and tutus.  So they left that dance a bit early and headed out with a friend for some ice cream.  I think we can call it a win, and I get excited thinking of her doing it again.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

4 months of knowing heaven on earth - RPC

Oh my little 13.5 pound little muffin, I couldn’t love you more; but I will, every day because I’ve been wired this way.  God gifted me with an idea of you, then granted me the desire to long for you, and the most wonderful answer to a planted prayer named Rutherford Patrick. 

You are riding along life happy and healthy on mama’s soy & dairy free milk.  You have joined the 87% in height and 8% in weight; way to put those calories to work baby boy! 
This month you rolled over for the first time, started loving your crib at night, began to find a routine for bedtime (8-(:30pm), decided you really hate it when mama is away, discovered you’re really ticklish, fought naps like you were being paid the big bucks, became even more snuggly, lost some patches of hair, began gripping toys and bringing them to your mouth, lots of finger sucking, learning to soothe yourself with singing, and

 I love you this much bubba.
Just when we think our hearts can't grow anymore, God shows up and says watch this.