Friday, August 10, 2018

Ten months of knowing heaven on earth - RPC

Another month older wahhhoooo andI'm that much closer to driving!!!!!!
 OHHHHHh I mean crawling.... but still, I'm so close to freedom I can taste it!
WHOOaH What do you mean I can't crawl to the pool?  We'll see about that guys, I'm ready for some new found freedom and my own means of conveyance.
Not that I don't appreciate everything you guys have done for me; I mean I understand how hard it must be to cook dinner, blow dry your hair, and go to the bathroom holding a baby for 10 months.  I see what you're doing and it hasn't gone unnoticed.  
Ten whole months, how can it be!!?  We have enjoyed you more with each passing day and are grasping onto your days as tightly as we can.  Your continued calm demeanor and joyful personality have put a smile on our faces more times than we could count.  
You love to take a bite of shoulders and anything else you can sink your 8 teeth into, yet we still aren't eating foods.  Well, other than the peel of this apple you were happy to munch on.  :)
Ten months brought us:
A lot more laughs, smiles, cuddles, and waves were seen from our sweet baby boy.  He has always been entertained by Mallie Lynn and Henry and they are forever eager to give him an abundance of attention.  We have been given glimpses of the three of them playing together lately as Ford really started to take notice of their every move.  Henry throwing a ball for him or Mallie Lynn dancing can cause him to erupt into clapping and squealing.  On the brink of mobility, he's about to turn his siblings worlds upside down.  There have already been towers knocked over, cars chewed on, and tears because our little man has had his eyes on them.  (more where that came from)

Loves:  playing ball and especially dunking on his little basketball goal, rolling cars and trucks on the floor, knocking over blocks.  DADDY makes him soon excited and as soon as he hears his voice or sees his face he can't contain himself, arms and legs start moving and don't stop until he picks him up.

Eat: Still nursing every 3 hours as a general rule but sometimes it's two and every once in a while we can stretch it to 4.

Sleep: same story different month. Every three hours we nurse, and throw the itchiness of ezcema into the mix and we have the sleep patterns of a newborn.

Milestones:  Grabbing a ball and dunking it!  (In a baby goal)  It's his new favorite game and he's quite good at it.  He started picking up small pieces of food and putting them in his mouth on his own though he still won't have more than one or two bites.  He is starting to reach and rock forward into the crawling position but gets pretty content laying on his belly afterwards.  He has found a new game in laying his head down and popping it up to surprise us.  He also loves to read books now more than ever and likes to "read along".

My heart can hardly take how close we are to loving you an entire year but your the baby of the family, and forever a baby in my heart.  We love you so much sweet Rutherford.  Ford, you are adored.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

thirty - five years of love.

Thirty - five and I feel so alive.  
Turning thirty, I had one sweet baby boy who grew my world into a whole new way of life.  The woman who once wondered if she ever wanted children, found herself giving up the career she had just gained her masters for to stay home and love him.  Over the past five years I have sailed the seas deep into the ocean of motherhood, gaining two more earthly babies to care for and love.  That love has grown in an abundance that reaches far outside my own reach and into the realm of God's gracious agape gifts.  
Half way through my thirties there's no place I would rather be than this man's wife and these children's mother.  It is my greatest honor and gift; raising these precious lives God so graciously allows me to be a part of.  Here at this mid point, I have begun to realize I'm incapable of being the mama I long to be on my own.  Running on coffee fumes and trying to discipline children, cook dinner, make the crafts, and put clothes on all the people can catch up to ya.  Parenting must be God's favorite tool to use when sharpening his Children's spiritual desire for Him, Lord I need you.  I need you to remind me I need you, I need you to grow my patience, to soften my words, to grow my grace, and to allow me to love like you do.  
I have felt a push to slow this time in my life down, which is a thousand times harder than I could imagine.  As I listen to His call on how to delight and grown in the gifts he has given I have a feeling there will be far more RSVP's answered no than yes, there will be career ladders left to climb another day, and hair that will continue to see far more messy buns than styling tools.  This season is precious and messy and wonderful and I'm soaking in this beautiful celebration, thirty five years of love.  

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Fun in the Sun- family vacay 2018

Our first beach vacation as a family of 5 is now filed away as a memory.  Our days were filled with yummy eats, wonderful views, a tropical storm, laughs, fits, sunscreen, waves, glowstick walk, sand castles, overcoming fears, exhaustion, sand (the good and the bad), seafood, live music, watching our kiddos run their hearts out, digging holes, searching for deeper creepers, crashing into waves, and enjoying our uninterrupted time together.  Our days were typically bookended with a pajama walk on the beach as we watched the sun rise, or the moon come out to greet us.  Vacation with little ones is a blur of a week but the best kind possible.  
We were able to start our trip in Waverly, AL with a visit to see our Frye family.  It's so sweet to catch up with friends who feel like you can always pick up where you stood before.  We then spent the next 8 days beach side in Seacrest, walking the familiar and rejuvenating area we love so dear.  Our favorite restaurants, splash pads, candy shop, pizza truck and beach did not dissapoint!

Trips to Charlie's Donut truck are always a fan favorite.  I promise ML liked it too.

Until we meet again, beach we love you.