Thursday, May 10, 2018

7 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth - RPC

Well I turned around once and another month has passed.  As we trot down the road of 7 months I couldn't be more thankful for the love and delight you add to our lives.  
 This month we've watched you grow stronger as you constantly work those legs, more energized and more playful.  The big kids love you so much your practically smothered in a mountain of hugs and your smile shows us the feeling is mutual.
You had your first big adventure with a trip to the beach!  Your first set of wings as you jetted off to the west coast and watched the waves of San Diego lap across the shore.  You were a delight and a half even with the large time zone difference and it was so sweet to have some one on one time with you.

7 months brought us: 
Weight 15.11 
Size 2 diapers
 9 or 6-12 month clothes
 Loves- SMILING, Being held/carried around, nursing, sleeping during car rides, your family, being outside, bath time and splashing in the water, playing with crinkle paper/plastic, singing songs like pat-a-cake, row your boat, twinkle twinkle, wooden teethers and chewing on carrots, being held to sleep, reading books.

Sleep: Maybe one of our most challenging months to date.  Teething made several of our nights feel like a 20 min nap.  
Feeding: Feeding is something you still love to do often.  You have started becoming easily distracted and its made nursing you to a full belly a bit more challenging.  We have still been trying to eat some solids but are pretty slow moving since you prefer to spit things out and shut down pretty quick.

Awake: You prefer to stay in the middle of the action (aka on my hip or being worn) but also enjoy playing in your jumperaroo and exersaucer.  Though you roll over and will push up onto your strong arms on your belly you really don't love to be on the ground or sitting for long.  I have a feeling my little man who loves to stand more than anything is working on getting strong enough to walk.  Just so you know, mommy is ok with you doing all the things a bit later so I can keep you my baby.  :)

Dislikes: eating food, sleep, and honestly not much else.  You're a pretty content little dude.

Size: You are filling out more and more and becoming a heavier little stud every day.  We are all loving your fuller cheeks and think they make you look a lot like your brother as a baby.  

Milestones: Lots more rolling thought you favor going right, clapping your hand against us or big messy claps with yourself.

Your eczema is still raring it's self quite often and though I try to keep it at bay with hydrocortisone and Aquaphor multiple times a day your little body breaks out into rashes quite often.  This month you've had two episodes where red fiery looking skin turns into a blister of sorts on your face.  We are hoping to find some relief for you soon and beginning to wonder if some discomfort might be your reason for not sleeping much.

You remind me of Buddy the Elf "smiling, smiling's my favorite!"  I hope you never out grow that grin cause baby boy it's contagious!  

Sunday, April 22, 2018

6 months of knowing Heaven on Earth - RPC

Well this milestone makes me swallow a little harder, squeeze you a little tighter, and stare at you a tad bit longer than usual.  Half a year has passed since you made our world a better place and I just can't believe what the calendar is saying.  I've soaked up every second of you I possibly could, cuddled instead of cleaned, fed and rocked you instead of letting you scream, and enjoyed the slowness of a morning with you and your siblings instead of rushing to get the checklist done.  I have no regrets over this time with you that has been so well spent and I'm thankful for every moment we've been given to love you.
You are happy down to the deepest depths of your soul.  It shows in your smile that so easily spreads across your sweet face, the authentic giggles you generate, and your ability to be pleased as punch even when you're dog tired.

Loves: Chewing on fingers, swaddle, Sophie the Giraffe, wooden KY, exersaucer, jumper, standing and prefers that over any position, car seat naps, ergo carrier, bath time, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, (big sister started it and now it's your calm song).

Dislikes: night time diaper changes, sleeping, dry skin rashes :(

Eating:  Boy do you ever!  STILL wanting to eat every 3hrs and honestly sometimes it's 2.5 though I have managed a few 4hr stretches from you lately.  We started introducing solids this week with avocado, and though you are still figuring it all out you are pleased enough with it that you keep opening your  mouth for more.  :)  Nursing habits lately include holding my hand tightly and squeezing off and on while you eat, eating quickly.

Size:  6mo - 6-9mo clothing depending on the brand, size 2 diapers,

Sleep:  You are another energizer baby that just won't stop and require little sleep.  Your cat naps persist and yet you still wake every 2-4 hrs depending on the night.  I've wondered if you were getting a tooth but then again I've blamed little sleep and slobber on that for two months.  :)

Milestones:  Lots of sounds and jabbering have escaped your lips lately, especially "BBBBbbb".  You love to exercise your voice loudly and enjoy having your sounds mimicked as if we are holding conversation in a foreign language, starting solids with avocado as food #1.  You aren't quite sure what to think about the process and sometimes spit out more than you swallow but it's all just fun and games at this point anyway.  Grabbing and holding toys on your own is a fun new way for your to play.  Those little grabby hands make it difficult for me to hold you and take a drink or bite these days too.  You have started pushing up and straightening your arms out completely when having tummy time, so I'm holding you as much as possible to keep you from learning to become mobile.  (kidding....kinda) :)
Noteworthy:  My happy boy you melt my heart in a multitude of ways but nothing compares to you falling asleep laughing.  After nursing and stories I stood to rock you one evening until those eyelids fluttered and I could lay you down.  As I stood there staring at you I watched a huge grin stretch across your perfect cheeks, it lingered as we locked eyes.  Then you began to giggle, and I kissed your cheek overflowing with love for you, I told you how much I adored you as we continued our cheeky grins.  That sweet little exchange repeated itself for several minutes and then again on several occasions after that.  To say I'm oozing with love for you is quite an understatement.

Disclaimer: This is by far the worst cake I have ever made.  My most sincere apologies sweet Ford, but this is what happens when your mama is inpatient with letting a cake cool.
What a joy it is for those sweet hands to reach for me with excitement and joy.  You are a continued blessing to our lives sweet boy and the perfect compliment to your siblings personalities.  Ford you adored.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Six Years of Knowing Heaven on Earth -HTC

It's hard to fathom even as I write it, but our baby boy, our first baby born, has been such for six whole years.  Watching you become Henry has been one of our greatest joys.  Serious and smiley, theatrical and studious, cautious and carefree, the unique workings of our boy took us under a spell from the beginning.  As each year has passed we have watched your personality grow into a fuller version of your youngest self.  You continue to amaze us in a multitude of ways and our love for you has grown deeper roots. 
You are sure of yourself in so many way, and usually quite confident.  This year we have watched your love for sports grow as you dove into your first year of T-ball,  tried your hand at basketball, your feet at soccer and continued your love of golf and played on the Junior PGA league.  Learning to lose is not something you particularly enjoy and though we are trying to help soften your heartaches I'm happy to see that competitive edge inside of you.
Surprisingly you love clothes and get excited for new threads or kicks.  You are heavily opinionated on what you wear and for the most part prefer comfy athletic wear over anything else.  You love to put together outfits and have even started helping your sister get dressed for special occasions like UK games, or plays you two put on for us. 
You've started down the road of great adventure as the world of reading was expanded to chapter books at bedtime.  We began reading the Chronicles of Narnia to you and still not a fan of scary characters, you were at times hesitant to continue, afraid the White Witch might somehow win;  but we continued through and landed ourselves on the third story, The Voyage of the Dawn treader. 
 You have really taken a leap in school this year, both academically and socially.  You crept out of your shell of shy and are more vocal and playful in the classroom. Memorizing verses and poems each month comes easy to you, math has taken off and become a favorite and watching you turn into a young reader has been incredible.  Through sight words and decoding skills you are learning to read books independently and I can't wait to watch your life light up as the doors swing open to new places uncovered through the pages of a good story.  You are fascinated by space, history and all things America and will listen intently to documentaries and books on any of the above, soaking facts up like a sponge. 
You continue to love music and performing though you have started to let the shy bug creep in when you are unsure of yourself or audience.  I love your imagination; it knows no limits and can be inspired by the smallest of things.  Costumes and dress up are still your thing but you have expanded to creating your own for yourself and Mallie Lynn. 
She watches your every move and tries her hardest to be as much like you as possible.  As your little sisters personality has grown you have had a new challenge of learning to get along.  Both of you are strong willed which can make things interesting but when the dust settles you are sweet friends.  She makes you laugh, your protective over her, and you think she's cute "especially her puffy cheeks".  I love watching you divise plans of secret attacks or teaching her how to swing a club, write a letter, and buckle her bike helmet.  My favorite exchanges between the two of you happen when you think I'm not looking.  You helping her zip her coat, pulling her hair out of her collar, or fixing her bow are all signs to this mama you have deep love for her.  
My biggest hope and prayer for you is that you love and know our God on your own.  That the Jesus kind of love you learn about pours from your spirit and that your gifts and talents are used to bring glory to His kingdom.  Listening to you pray, watching you wrestle with sin, and hearing your questions, thoughts and concerns of it all have stretched me in so many ways.  You have a heart for heaven in ways I've only uncovered in my recent years and it is one of my greatest joys to watch you grow your faith.  
I love you sweet boy, through heaven and back.  Please never stop your spontaneous hugs, random I love you, and sleeping with that precious blanky!  

Happy 6 years of love!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

5 months of knowing heaven on earth

5 months of loving you has been oh so easy for us to do.  I'm so thankful for the time that I get with you.  Looking back at what life is like these days, I'm glad I have laundry messes, chores undone, dark circles under my eyes, and rarely wear anything but leggings these days because it means I'm holding you.  You love to be with me and prefer to be carried around the house like a prince vs. swings, play gyms, or mats.  You have the biggest grin on your face when people talk to you, especially your brother and sister.  The sweet way you talk to yourself and us now is just priceless and I can only imagine the conversations we will someday have.
Look at how tall this little baller is!
If my muscles don't stop you dead in your tracks these baby blues surely will!
Gosh that sounded a little bit braggadocios didn't it....
I'm sorry, sometimes the truth just comes out.
Maybe this next month I can work on that humble thing.....
In the meantime I'll just keep flexing.
and dabbin.

 Loves- Family, having your feet clapped together, being carried, nursing, being swaddled, looking at your play gym, pat-a-cake, being held facing out to see the world, playing walk/run with daddy and Henry, chewing on your hands, and reading.  You now get extremely excited when being read to and find it hard to sit still.  Your eyes light up, your arms and legs start moving quickly and you often squeal as you take everything in.  

Sleep:  Well ya know that four month sleep regression thing?  I guess we found it.  Lots of night waking and naps are still short lived.  I have been nursing a lot at night to try and build up that immune system as we fought flu germs in our house.  

Feeding: Feeding is something you love to do and often.  We have zero feeding schedule and you are my on demand baby without a doubt.  I'm thankful for every little moment we get together sweet boy. Our bedtime feedings have become quite the bonding session.  You have a new routine of nursing for a few minutes and then stopping to chat with me.  It is the cutest little thing and melts my heart right into the floor.  Sometimes you are serious and chattering and other times you just want to hold my hand, coo, and grin.  Anyway you choose to communicate I will soak up with a sponge and I hope it is a sign that you will always love having conversations with your mama.  Call me anytime, anywhere, this mama is always here to listen.  

Awake: You have become really observant and pay attention to every little thing that happens in your world.  You love kisses, being sung to, reading books, and watching your siblings.  You also enjoy bath time and have had lots of fun in the jumparoo this month.

Dislikes: night time diaper changes, putting yourself to sleep, being cold, having gas, coughing, being held on your back.  

Size: You are filling out more and more and becoming a heavier little stud every day.  We are all loving your fuller cheeks and think they make you look a lot like your brother as a baby.  

Milestones: FEET!  You found your feet and grabbed a hold this month.  You now love to do leg lifts and stare at them, it's insanely precious!  Rolling from side to side and though you have rolled over completely it isn't your favorite trick in the bag.  Standing in your jumparoo and kicking your legs.

5 months going on 6 and I hope we can slow down time just a little bit more these next few weeks.  I'm not ready for you to be half a year old my baby boy.

Loving you dearly,