Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ford's First Steps - 15 months loved

Our little cruiser went full on mobile last week.  I looked up to see our little guy slowly, yet confidently walking across the living room and excitement filled the air.  Maybe it was our applause, or maybe it was the moment he had been working toward for so long, but the little guy wouldn't stop!
for 15 minutes straight he walked and would stumble but get right back up on his own!

The way he carried himself, strutting like a proud peacock, made it one of the cutest first steps I've ever witnessed.  Oh sweet Fordy you made your audience squeal with delight at the sight of you walking around on your own.

I must admit I felt a tad bit sad, thinking I may not see you scoot around any longer.  However, you've decided that scooting is far quicker, and so for now, you move around with a combination of both.  I'm soaking up every bit of this time, watching you explore and grow your world in a new way.  You are so very loved sweet boy.
15 Months Brought Us

20 Lbs
Almost out of size 3 diapers
size 12 month clothes

Says: uh oh for any mess or drop
Has said mama a handful of times
Says dada sometimes
Says uh uh (no)
Says Bababbaba for everything else.  
Ball is Baba whether it's football or basketball

  • Started putting head back with an open mouth to laugh (and make us laugh).
  • Points and thrusts his body forward when being held to tell us where he wants to go.
  • Sticks foot out when he sees his socks or shoes to help us put them on. 
  • Brings us shoes when we are getting ready to leave.
  • Became obsessed with opening kitchen cabinets, especially getting out cooking utensils. 
  • Getting out the tea kettle and scooting around the house with it is a favorite activity, behind...
  • The vacuum, Roomba, or dust buster, all of which he loves to grab a hold of when on and push around the house.  When we finally turn them off one of the cleaning machines there will almost always be tears.  
  • Became aware of Alexa and gets super excited when you say the name, turns to look at it and claps. (In hopes of music coming on)
  • A dancing machine was born and his signature windmill move has become a fan favorite in our house. 
  • Sleeping with his hands behind his head is a guarantee when he is super out of it and comfortable.  One of the cutest little things ever!
  • two molars and two on the way = no sleep and lots of ibuprofen
15 months has brought more laughs, love, and entertainment than before and we are sure thankful for this easy going little man we call Ford. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Seeing Santa

What do you do when you're waiting for Santa and discover his sleigh bells sitting next to the fire.......
Why you pick it up and hear it jingle of course!  Thankfully these two learned how to be a good lookout and avoided getting caught and placed on the naughty list.  
Henry's excitement for Santa and all the magic of Christmas has been at an all time high this year.  As he said "When I was 4 I didn't believe Santa and elves could be real, but then I realized you and daddy aren't buying all the presents or moving our elf so it has to be real!"  :)  
He sweetly anticipated the arrival of our elf Jelly Jack and looks forward to seeing him each morning.  He's made cards and pictures for him and Santa and has explanations for all the magic surrounding the season.  All the different Santa's you see......they're SC's brothers of course!!!
We experienced a relaxed and very sweet encounter with the jolly old elf this year.  Brunch with Santa at Lexington Country Club helped to fill our bellies and strike an extra sense of wonder in it all.    Gran and Pops joined us for the fun and it was a wonderful way to make Santa memories together. 
Henry and his bestie were too cute practically jumping out of their belt cinched trousers at their excitement.  
SC stopped by to chat with us while we ate and made sure the kids were well behaved.  
Henry was all business this year whispering his three wishes in Santa's ear; an army suit, a pistol and a Miles Morales web spinner.  
For the first time ever our sweet girl wasn't scared.  Maybe it was not having to sit on a strangers lap, or maybe it was a greater understanding of how it all worked, but she spoke to him like a champ.....other than forgetting anything she had been talking about wanting.  Santa tried to take a few guesses and thought she might like some princesses and dollies, little does he know this girl probably wants a pistol too.  She decided we definitely need to drop her list in the mailbox to make sure he knows she actually wants Marshall's Ultimate Fire Rescue, Nella the Princess Knight dress up, and an Ella doll.  
We opted out of the customary tradition of handing your baby to a bearded stranger who smells like meat and cheese and instead let him smile at him from a comfy distance.  He was down with a high five from SC and I'd say that's the cheeriest greeting we've ever witnessed at this age!  
Let the fun and excitement continue as we savor the fastest moving, wonderful time of the year.  

Friday, December 14, 2018

Trimming the Tree 2018

Hanging stalkings and ornaments with three little elves, Charlie Brown music playing and lights a' twinkling, welcome Christmas.  Decking the halls with three little loves is not far from stacking fine china teacups ceiling high on a boat at sea.  Busy little bees, making memories and trimming a tree sure feels like the days we will remember all our life.  Not an ornament was broken and though we may be decoration heavy on the bottom it is the best our tree has ever looked.  Henry and Mallie Lynn were so excited to decide where they would place each one and the fun of explaining where they all came from made this sentimental mama happy.  
Since putting it up Ford has found a handful of his favorites to take off and scoot around with before getting sweetly excited to "place" them back on again.  
Let the merry memories begin.  

Monday, December 10, 2018

Ford 13 & 14 month Love update

Time flies when you're loving on a baby.  These past two months have been such a sweet time of development and growth for our little Rutherford.  His hair has continued to be a source of conversation and entertainment as it has grown even longer and at times been untameable in the most adorable of ways.  I've learned I'd rather let it fly than to comb it into a more business like style; after all he can only get away with it for so long.  :)

He is still a hop scooting king and quickly glides with a tucked leg across the floor but started pulling up on furniture to stand at 13 months and slowly cruising around the room by 14.  I don't think it will be long before he's walking and I'm not in a rush for him to get there, it's a total game changer.
We aren't sure if he will be a kicker in football or futbal but he loves to scoot right up to the ball and with his leg in perfect position kick it across the floor.  Balls are still his favorite toy and he can throw a mean line drive and just as easily catch a grounder.  :)
We have found ourselves in a sleepy state lately with lots of night interruptions that we can't quite get past.  Molars are on there way and I hope they make an appearance soon, I can't help but think the discomfort they bring are the main culprit of night wakings.

Eating has lost it's novelty and often he'd rather practice his baseball pitches with whatever lunch or dinner is presented to him.  He will rarely turn down fruit and has become a lover of cheese and yogurt as well.
Music has caught his attention lately and he claps when a song comes on, followed by bouncing, twisting his arms side to side and nodding his head.
He still adores his brother and sister so much and enjoys playing with them especially laughing at them in the car.  He has also become more vocal (yells loudly) about things he doesn't appreciate, like being rubbed on constantly or having a toy taken from him.

He is still exploring sounds and has started occassionaly signing for his food with "more" and "please".   I can't wait to see what this next month brings us as we watch him explore the Christmas lights, ornaments and tree!
You are a silly, heart warming, laid back, loving, cuddle bug and ohhhhhhh how I enjoy our days!

Sweet Fordy, you are so loved!