Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unwrap the Sucker

I looked back tonight at the pictures I've grabbed here and there over the past few weeks and just couldn't help smiling.  I do not know how I have been given such an amazingly joyful child, all I can say is God loves us and sure knows how to show it!  I adore the thoughts that come to his head these days and the sweetness that poors from his heart.  The grocery store is not my favorite place to be and yet I sometimes feel like I live there.  But this little guy can take a Trader Joes visit and turn it into a fun adventure like experience.  From the singing we do up and down the aisles together to the excitement of getting a sucker from the bucket, he makes it special.  Children are such a great and constant reminder that little things, like the anticipation of a treat about to be devoured are worth dancing for. 

What sucker is God  waiting for you to unwrap today?  What little life treat should you dance and wiggle for? 

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