Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A big brother in the making.

You're already up for brother of the year award in my book.  You show all the care and concern a brother of a little sister should.  Recently your questions about where MLC is have become more frequent.  You request to feel her, and usually proceed with a hug or a kiss; you tell her goodnight in the sweetest of ways. 
You're learning to sing every song that you hear frequently, and I can just picture you serenading your sweet baby sister while rocking her in her bassinet.  (supervised of course). :)
You care for others, when I say ouch you always ask "Are you O.K. mama?".
By being your two worthy self your learning all the things I'm sure you'll tell her not to do; no doubt keeping her from the same fate you once endured of daily time outs.  (*wink and smile)

Yes you will be the older wiser big brother.  The one who picks flowers for her because you know the happiness they can create.  The one who tells her it will all be O.K. with a kiss.  You will be her playmate, her protector, her role model and entertainer. 
You corrected a passing stranger in the store the other day who commented that you were not a baby but a big boy; saying "I'm mommy's baby."  What an answer!  Yes it's true, and that you will always be.  My first born baby will soon take on a new role, and I think you will wear it well.


  1. So sweet. Love the lighting in those pics too! xx

  2. "I'm mommy's baby."
    Melt my heart that is so sweet :))))

  3. Right!? I could have completely melted into a puddle on the floor Jill!