Monday, July 23, 2012

What's up Weekend - Polo Matches and Bachelorettes

Our weekend had a first, a celebration, and unwind time.

We attended our first ever polo match as we attended the Bluegrass International Cup.  It was a work event for Barry and I hadn't attended anything with him since having Henry so I decided to go.  It was an extremely fun charity event and a wonderful atmosphere. 
Thinking about what to wear to a polo match almost stressed me out.  I went with flat sandals, a cool coral skirt, navy top, and a UK blue bag to scream summer.

The polo field was gorgeous to look at as the horses cantered up and down the grass.  We learned about how the sport is played and tried our best to keep up.  
I decided that I am quite the fan of the sport too.  When half time involves grabbing a glass of champagne from a tray and gathering on the field to step on the horse hoof divets..... I think I'm in! 

Dinner, great music, champagne, ponies, and a handsome husband makes for a fine Friday night.
A Celebration occurred on Saturday night as I headed out to dinner for one of my best friends, Lauren's bachelorette.  
We had a more than enjoyable dinner at the lovely Table 310 and then made our way around the scenes of downtown.  This is the kind of bachelorette I can handle these days!  Great company, good wine, lots of laughs.  (I think we were happy to do without the fabulous straws and buttons usually adorned at these sort of things).  ;)
 Wedding festivities begin this week and none of us could be happier for the darling couple.  You can read about their sweet story over here. 

Sweet Sunday allowed us to unwind a bit and have some moments of family time that we love so much.  After being out later than a mommy is use to I was reminded of how blessed I am.  Laying in bed taking a early morning nap with H after a feeding I was awakened to coffee and breakfast in bed.  This man is good!
Later in the afternoon we headed to the cute little town of Midway, Kentucky to meet up with some friends from Cincy for lunch.  We had perfect weather and enjoyed catching up with Linsey and Clay.  Henry was 100% awesome as he chilled on our laps and took in his surroundings.  :)  Such a good baby boy!  

We then walked the streets looking in at the shops.  
Perfect weekend.

Hope yours was nothing less than fabulous!


  1. So fancy!! You are seriously beautiful! Newest follower!!

  2. What a fun event. Love what you are wearing. Hopping from the Aloha Hop.
    One Chic Mom