Friday, July 27, 2012

Foto Reel Friday - 16

Well apparently when you have a child, life begins to rev up it's engine's and days soon feel like what minutes use to.  This week has flown!  My baby boy is getting more precious, more lovable, and more fun with each passing hour, but he is also growing  up.

We made the official move out of our Puj tub last week but were just enjoying Mommy/Baby Bathy time.  This week we broke out the whale, he enjoyed it every time.  This could be due to the fact that he can now have a toy with him while he bathes. :)  
We all enjoyed having the Reds on and watching them continue to win.  
He grew more cheek love.
 He grew more personality.  
He has been grabbing things for a while but not to the extent that he did this week.  He began moving the toys on his swing from one side to the other and when a toy is placed in front of him he reaches out both hands to grab hug it and bring it towards his mouth. 
 This boy is getting big.  After holding him on my left side one day this week I literally had a sore bicep.  :)  Guess I might be upping my lifting lbs. at the gym soon. :)
 He met another fabulous friend this week!  Baby boys all around, this little guy is going to have some fun with his buddies!
 Hello Hugo! 

 Another milestone this week....He found his adorable feet!  
Yesterday we watched as he looked at his feet and then started reaching for it, which then turned into a grab.  He was quite fascinated!  

Smell my feet mommy!
Each day gets better, and I'm continually blown away by how awesome he is.  Being his mother is the greatest gift!  GB2G


  1. How'd you like the Puj tub? My little guy is already a year now and in a regular tub without a baby tub in it, but I just got the Puj for a mom-to-be friend off her registry and it looked cool. Something to consider for future babies or not worth it?

    LOOOOOVE the "smell my feet" photo! Adorable!

  2. What a cutie!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

    Mom's Monday Mingle is going on now. In case you haven't linked up! Love to have you!

  3. Lindsay, I would absolutely say the PUJ is a must. It was great for the first baths when they are tiny and then worked well up until now where he is getting big!!! Like 15+lbs big! :) The only negative I have heard about it as that for some people it doesn't fit well under their sink because of the type of faucet they have. We used it in our kitchen and it was perfect. Hope your friend enjoys it! :) Glad you liked Henry's smell my feet!