Tuesday, November 5, 2013

19 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

19 Months and curious as can be. 
 19 Months brought us:

  • 12-18 month pants and shirts, and john johns.    
  • Apparently at nineteen months you become a totally cool little person that's more like a fabulous side kick that occasionally needs their diaper changed and rocked to sleep than a baby.  
  • The biggest milestones that we have found have been................well there are too many to count at this age.  For the most part it is his ever growing cognitive awareness and ability to express himself that has us in awe.  
  • He has always enjoyed music but lately has requested that it be turned on so he can dance.  Sometimes alone, or sometimes for a quick danceathon when his buddy Lock is around.  
  • When we drive in the car it is not uncommon for me to sing a full 20 minutes of Twinkle Twinkle or Old McDonald on repeat at the request of the little guy in the back telling me which song he wants and asking for "mo" every time it ends.  
    • His love for these songs has apparently stuck in his head because I was floored when singing it to him the other day and he began to chime in. Singing "like a diamond in the sky", (I mean I about called Rhianna right there!)  and then continuing "tinkle tinkle oh so high".  
    • He has started randomly singing "E I E I O farm" and then mooing too.  We have turned that song into a bit of a game where I stop every time and ask him to tell me an animal on his farm.  His favorites are Baaa and Cow.  
    • Makes this music loving momma's heart smile. 
  • His pretend play time has carried over into his handpuppets and stuffed animals.  He has started turning them towards himself to say "Hi Henry" and holding them up to the window saying "look".  
  • He is constantly changing as I have continued to say on this blog; but we now feel like we are having little conversations with him throughout the day and are amazed at all that he says.
  • My favorite Henry quotes of late include:
    •  "Oh my goodness!" His favorite thing to say lately.  I never realized how much I said this before he picked up on it. :)  Sometimes just putting his breakfast in front of him can trigger this response and other times it's seeing something really spectacular like a semi truck, pumpkin, cat, or a slide.  Anyway you slice it, it's a pretty funny thing to hear him say.
    • Me: Do you like going to the park? Henry: "I like it!"
    • Me: Do you like this book? Henry: "I like it!" ETC  how sweet to hear this little answer. 
    • Me: "Do you want to go downstairs to play?" his answer now for all "Do You" questions will be an infatic "I do!" or "I don't"  cracks me up!
  • This busy talkative little boy is the delight of our lives.  How God designed kids to get better every month I don't know, but what a genius plan!   
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  1. Happy 19 months to your little man! He's such a cutie! I love when they enter the tiny sidekick stage! It's the best!