Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer memories

Summer has been marching right along, and we have been enjoying every moment we can get a hold of.  
Family reunions.


Swinging for the very first time.  
Henry getting his golf game on in between watching Jordan Spieth win the Masters and the U.S. Open.

 Taking Mallie Lynn for her first of many dips in the pool.  She can't stand the water.  Not one bit.  :) 

 In her mind she's 7 year's old and has had the breaststroke perfected for two years. 
 Finding ways to cool off in the yard while mommy and daddy work to spruce up the scenery. 
Licking every last drop of frozen goodness off a stick.  

Taking in some pool time to splish and splash.  

Enjoying evenings with friends and watching horse history as American Pharoah claimed the triple crown.  

 Spending time with these gals as we remembered younger days singing to Nelly, NKOTB, and TLC. 

 Time with daddy. 

 Enjoying slow mornings, milk mustaches and warm peach toast. 

We kinda love you.  Thank goodness we are only half way through.  

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