Friday, June 26, 2015

9 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth - MLEC

Feeding: every 3 hrs with sometimes stretches of 4 hrs at night.  This has been a big area for us this month.  We trialed PurAmino elemental formula for a few days with the result ending in us going back to breast feeding on the elimination diet.  We found "our baseline" *(Mucus filled diapers) and decided to trial foods.  Began with apple and PASSED!!!  We officially have a solid!  We are feeling pretty big time over here, and praising God for a move in the right direction.  

Sleep:  The first half of this month was filled with belly issues that had our sleep all up in arms.  We have ended with a calm to the storm.  Sleeping like a....well, baby.  You feed wake to eat every 3-4 hrs unless we can bribe you into a little longer 4.25hrs with a paci.  We have naps :)  usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  One may be 20 minutes and one and hour but we take them. 

Awake:Happy, happy, and happy.  You are a little peach.  You seek out fun in anyway you can, yet you can entertain yourself with the shake of a toy.   You love to watch your brother do anything and you like clapping and dancing with your mommy and daddy. 
Loves: clapping, rocking on all fours, CRAWLING!!!!!

Dislikes: being tired, going to sleep without the woombie, being hungry (even just a little bit)

Temperament: Happy, silly, eager to laugh, sweet, calm, and easily entertained, strong willed, and pleasing. 

Clothing Size: 9 months 

New Milestones: Eating solids - apple, Crawling!!!  Not a master roller I wasn't sure how this would end up.  You began on all fours and started crawl scooting where you drag your leg underneath.  Your firs real motivator was your friend Aubrey where you scoot crawled to reach her over and over again at Bible study, next motivator, play pepperoni from your brothers toy kitchen.  It got you to move across the play room and from their the rest is history. 

I have had a hard time as this milestone of 9 months approached us.  It seems like the last big marker before you are  a big girl.  In a blink of an eye, or 3 months I will be celebrating your 1st birthday.  It makes me want to bawl my eyes out to think of.  Our time together has flown at an extremely fast pace.  You are loved far more now than you were the day I met you and you will be loved more today than the last.  You are showing what kind of person you are and it is bursting our hearts wide open with pride.  I will cherish each moment I get to know hang our with you, to know you, to love you, to guide you in this world.  You are such a gift my darling girl. 


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  1. Your baby girl is darling. My little girl with be 9 months in a few days. It's crazy how fast it goes by, but you are's heaven on Earth!