Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Growing Boy.

 A few weeks ago I posted this picture with a sentimental heart.  The photo on the left from Henry's first day of 2's "Mom's Day Out" at Second Presbyterian, the one on the right was his last day.  In the past month I feel like I have watched him grow from a toddler to a little boy.  Looking at this picture I would say that feeling is quite accurate.  

Hard to believe he has changed that much in just 9 months, and it is not just one of physical growth either.  In that time we have placed a lot of change in your life and in a way played a big part in asking you to grow up.  You adjusted to moving into our new home, sleeping in a big boy bed, bringing home a baby sister, and potty training.  We've worked together to keep our fits at a minimum and how to reserve your messiest behavior for mommy's eyes only (because I can handle you not liking me for a minute while you learn how to be a gentleman.)  Some days were filled with the sweetest moments while others may have had us both in a funk.  You are my buddy, my little ball of energy, a great entertainer, problem solver, athlete, helper, imaginer extraordinar, and I love each day of knowing you more.
The things you question, or say, or do, never cease to amaze us.  Like when I tell you that it's sunny so you need a hat and your response is a quick, "Well, I don't know about that..."
Or the way you stick out your hand to explain something you're so sure about, while tilting that head and looking out to the grown up.
You're teachers adored you, and I'd like to think they did so in a way that they genuinely felt touched by your sweet soul.  They all spoke of just how "special Henry is" and I couldn't agree more.  I'm so proud of you for making friends at "Pirate School" as you always referred to it, and for being just sad enough to let mommy know you still want me around.

Oh and let's not forget that you're the best big brother your "Malla Malla" could ask for. 
We are so happy to call you our son, each day a little more than the day before.  I know you'll grow each time we open and close a school year, but so will that place in my heart for you my darling boy.

P.S. I know you're getting big but at least we still have moments like this......  ahhh that nap was good.

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