Thursday, August 4, 2011


A few months ago I started a Pinterest account.  At the time I felt like I was living under a rock, as most bloggers would state "I know Pinterest has been around for a while", or "Everyone's been pinning forever but".  I felt like a loser for not knowing what it was.  SO without an invite I signed up, and about a week and a half later I received an invite from the site.  Busy with graduate work and life I didn't do much exploring.  
However I have become obsessed with it.  It's the best way to organize all the amazing things you see on the internet.  I think of it as my virtual cork board of inspirations.  This week they came out with an app.......Can we say DOUBLE the Addiction?   B had to remind me that the 5:15 alarm would be coming too soon last night and that I should probably put my phone to sleep.  Yeeeeesh!   Maybe I should have a no phone in bed rule right?  :)  

So as I have found that I can spend hours, days, maybe even decades looking at blogs and cute ideas.  I am inspired by two things.

yes i totally got this sign from a pinterest search.  :) 

The summer is coming to a close.  Not much on my ambitious list got accomplished.  Although three grad classes now stand on my checklist as done.  I am going to shut the Mac.  Go downstairs and sew, hot glue, or Cricut for 45 minutes, before I have to head back up to school to work on that classroom o' mine.  Orientation is tonight.....Can we believe this? 

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