Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I've Learned Wednesday

Since last Wednesday I have learned:

  1. That August sun takes longer to cook sun tea.
  2. Try to keep complaints big and small to yourself.  What is your pit might be someone else's peak so keep looking up.
  3. My uncle's carrot cake could when a world wide baking contest.
  4. Even if you work out holding a 7.8lb baby for two hours can make your arms tired. 
  5. My brother in law is a more fabulous dad than once known.  (changing newborn baby diapers like a pro!)
  6. Toe cramps can attack at random while working out, and they are more painful than one would think.  :)
  7. Making something from scratch never gets old
  8. I need to pray without ceasing for many hurting friends and loved ones. 
  9. Keightley might need his dosage upped on his "doggie downers", aka. "dog prozac", or "anti-anxiety medication".

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