Friday, July 29, 2011

My First Guest Blogger! KRC

Wow!  I am completely stoked right now to be the first guest blogger on my Mommy's lil' blog Port of Thoughts!  What an honor!
My name is Keightley Rupp Cooper and I am a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier living and loving life.  Like any dog I enjoy the heck out of being with my family, so when they decided to take me on vacation with them this year I happily packed my bags and hopped in the car.  

I'm up for a good adventure any day of the week and this vacation was full of many firsts for me, most importantly getting to see the beach!  As we make the trip back home I can't help but think about my top moments of the week.  

Making my first 14 hour trip in a car.  I did lots of sleeping, got to pee on the grasses of three different states, and saw my mom's road rage face a few dozen times.
 I met my first lizard.  These little squirmy things were EVERYWHERE!  I got a little up close and personal with one and just when I thought I had a good hold of it, it's tail popped off!  Yuck!  I decided to stay away from them the rest of our trip. 

 I had my first swim in a pool.  Now let me make this clear.  I AM NOT a fan of the water, I simply can't stand the way my fur makes my body look when I'm wet, (you know what I'm talking about).  At the lake I've had my fair share of water encounters and I usually try to keep my life jacket on at all times.

But, my curiosity got the best of me on our first day and I somehow ended up taking a lap from one end of the pool to the next, NOT my type of exercise at all.
Later in the week I was fooled again as my Mom and Dad played with my blue bone in the pool.  It was just to tempting not to make that big leap in. 

I got dressed up as a pirate.  Another instance in my life where my parents entertainment comes at the high cost of my deflated pride.  Come on guys!

I had my first taste of Mahi-Mahi.  I'm a sucker for seafood, and my cute face and little squeals got me just what I wanted.  It's quite a meaty fish.  I might have just found my new favorite.

 I met my first armadillo.  Have you ever seen a more disgusting looking beast in all your life?  Going out for a little walk I spotted one of these things crossing the road.  Is it a overgrown lizard?  A real live Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?  An anteater?  Geez!  Talk about nightmares!

Finally, I got to experience the beach.  Mom and Dad took me at night so that I wouldn't sweat too much (ya know, wet furs are not attractive).  The smells around this place were delightful and I really expected that Mahi-Mahi to jump out of the water at any moment.  The sand was fun to run on but for some reason the water there kept chasing me.  What a bully! 

Speaking of water, I have never tasted such salt in all my life!  It was like licking the leg of Hulk Hogan after a session of hot yoga! 

Lots of excitement was packed into a week for this guy.  Although, I did get to enjoy some relaxing with my family too.  I'm pretty happy about my first big family road trip and would gladly do it again. 


  1. O to the mg!!!! I'm in love with your pup :)

  2. This is precious!!! He is adorable:)