Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Floating with the Fam

Coming into July with an attendance record at the houseboat of zero was a little depressing.  Thankfully the docks aligned for us to head down to the boat and enjoy a great weekend with the family.  
My Friday night was spent on the computer as I tried to complete my disaster technology project.  After tears, grunts, calming words from B and a some help from my Mom it was all turned in by deadline and I could finally relax.  I have three weeks before my next and final semester hits me and I plan on soaking them up!  Cheers!
Katie and Elise were down at the boat too and spent the night with us Friday.  We woke up Saturday morning to cloudy skies but had a yummy pancake breakfast and laid around till Elise started demanding to "go him" aka go swim.  :)  We spent most of the afternoon in the water and Mom and Dad took turns showing boats etc at the office.  Elise took her first Sea-Doo ride out of the no wake zone and fell fast asleep I guess that speed is just all too exciting for her!  Elise and Katie left soon after to get the tired little cutie to bed. 

Saturday night involved a sunset cruise, kabobs made by me and B, and a late night spent playing Balderdash with my parents.  :)  On Sunday we headed down to Mill Springs for a swim by the waterfall.  Katie, Lucas, Elise and (almost here Noah) joined us back at the boat for lunch and more swimming.  Elise is such a little fish and just loves singing, splashing and laughing in the water.  
Chris and Christopher came down late in the afternoon and plan to spend the week fishing and relaxing for some good father son time on the water.  What a precious weekend with my blessed and growing family!  :)
 Barry's first taste of Conley Bottom soft serve Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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