Friday, July 22, 2011

Rain on a Palm Tree

Photo courtesty of Casey Art and Colour

For a week of relaxation and enjoyment we decided to head down to Ft. Myers. We planned on leaving early yesterday but that got pushed back to a 2:30 departure due to a sick dog. After Kman received a shot and antibiotics we hit the road. We have never had a road trip together ( other than the driving we did in California), and thought it would be fun to bring our new bikes and Keightley along a little trek down 75 South.
The drive was long but we made it and had a Jimmy Buffet concert to listen to on Sirius as we drove. We arrived at 5:00 am, delirious and happy to be here. We awoke early to get things together for a nap on the beach.
 Getting ready, involved Barry heading to the grocery while I swept the pool area and got out the patio furniture, which led to a key discovery......
If you leave the lanai to shake off your broom, the door will lock behind you and you might be stuck outside till your husband comes home with the goods. ;)
We packed a cooler and slapped on the ever so important SPF. This is especially necessary when you get down the road to discover black skies and must return quickly to the house before a monsoon hits. Yes, sunscreen helps repel water in case you didn't know.

So here we sit.....

Sunscreen and swimsuits on

Landsharks in hand

Electricity out

And loving life

I'm not doing laundry, I'm not working in the yard, I'm not organizing my disheveled laundry room, I'm not studying, and Barrys not at the office.
I think this rain is Gods way of telling us to partake in a rare activity for us Cooper's, A Nap. :)


  Elizabeth Ann Cooper
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  1. Enjoy the rest, friend! And hopefully sunshine soon :)