Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cooper's take the beach! 30A Style

We were blessed this year to make another visit to one of our favorite spots in the world 30A.  Staying in Seacrest Beach but this time with the entire Cooper clan.  It was a great week  of  family filled fun and lasting memories.  The kiddos couldn't have been better especially on our less than spectacular trip down.  Somehow mystery traffic and ghost construction caused us to arrive in Nashville (usually a 3hr trip) in a little over six, making the rest of our drive all that more excruciating.  But as usual we forgot all of that once we dropped our toes in the sand!  The first few days were chilly and cloudy but it was actually kind of nice to not worry about sunscreen and wearing jeans and a sweater is always fabulous at the beach. 

Upon arrival we did a little hoorah dance and found our ways to Crabby Steve's for a celebration lunch.  The kiddos were so happy to be out of a car and by the ocean.
Our days were spent digging holes in the sand which we discovered were perfect for jumping, climbing, hiding, pirate ship driving, and lounging.  There was frisbee tossing, and at least 5 games of football a day.  Henry loved the ocean more than ever despite it's colder temperatures and enjoyed swimming, splashing, and looking underwater with goggles for fishies.  


Sometimes digging a whole can be exhausting and you find yourself using it as a lounge chair.  

The mornings were made for exploring.  Trips to Alys beach and the doughnut truck, the Alys park, Rosemary park, or a trip to the grassy field for soccer.  

We discovered a texture that Mallie Lynn doesn't seem to mind and in fact liked to eat by the handfulls, or with a side of football.  

 Having Gran and Pops around to chase, throw, cuddle, and hang out during nap times left us with too happy kids, and a thankful mommy and daddy.  It was so nice to have a few moments on the beach or a dinner without kiddos.
 We spent lots of family time on the great front porch or inside playing games.  There were laughs and memories shared by all.


Oh Yeah, that's a SHARK tooth we found in the surf!!!  Boom!

 We enjoyed walks into Rosemary and perfect nights filled with delicious food, live music, and happy hearts.  Our night at Edwards was super magical and made us melt when the performer opened up with an acoustic version of "Robin Hood and Little John", which made these ooodalalee loving Cooper's smile. 

As if Rosemary wasn't magical enough, we stumbled upon a wishing well that Henry adored.  On his first visit "I really wish I could be a firefighter someday"..... Oh the dreams of a little boy.  So pure, innocent, and full of wonder.  
A trip to The Sugar Shack blew this boys mind.  This new to gum rookie had his eyes affixed on a gumball filled bat from the moment he walked in, and though other sweets inticed him the gum won out in the end.  

We all felt a little bit lighter on our feet and a taller in our walk as we enjoyed the days and nights spent together.  No work, no obligations, just 100% family time.  

I'm very thankful for these warm memories to get us through the cold months ahead.  So in love with my family!

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