Saturday, February 9, 2013

Foto Reel -44

This week we found fun in forts.
We headed down the parkway with the entire Cooper clan in tow to make a visit to Western Kentucky.  We were unable to go after Christmas due to the robbery and were in need of a nice visit.  We didn't get too far before we began to see cars all over the road  and watched a few slide off into ditches right before our eyes.  We played it safe and turned the car around.  
We were disappointed not to be able to visit family but decided to make the most of our day.  We had an impromptu family party right then and there as we watched the snowflakes fall and the fire roar in the fireplace.   
Barry and uncle Chris showed Henry how to make a good pot of chili.   Gotta love some boy bonding time.
 This pretty white blanket covered the ground.
 and We watched as the wonderment of a falling snow filled this little angels' eyes. 
 We made the most of our snowy little wonderland. 
We had a much needed visit with my parents and and grandparents.  Henry had the chance to show off his crawling and cruising skills.  
This week Henry became more chatty.  He tries so hard to tell us what is on his little mind and is using more phonemes in multiple combinations and is now saying dog.  (I'm surprised he doesn't call Keightley stop it!) :) 
He really enjoys crawling after us as a game now and will follow us around the house.  I'm getting use to the sweet sound of little tiny palms slapping against the hardwood floor. 


  1. So cute in his little snow suit!

    1. Thanks girl! I was so happy to have gotten to use it.