Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Treats not Tricks with a Teal Pumpkin

Have you seen one of these on your neighbors front porch??  Our little teal pumpkin has been getting some questions so I thought we better spread the word!  On Halloween night 1 out of 13 kiddos knocking on your door lives life with a food allergy.  As a child with food allergies you're likely to feel like October 31st is more about the tricks than treats; knocking on doors and getting a bucket full of candy you can't eat sure doesn't seem like fun.  So in comes The Teal Pumpkin Project promoting the use of non food items for Halloween treats.  
We had a bit of fun making our teal pumpkin but if you don't have the time or energy to make one you can visit the FARE website to print out a cute sign to let trick or treaters know that you are offering a candy alternative.  Last year we handed out one bucket of candy and one bucket filled with mini bubbles, stickers, glow sticks, and yo-yo's.  

Our fun involved a little pumpkin station.  
Step 1. Wash your punkins
This entertained us for a good 15 minutes.
 Step 2. Paint your punkin teal
Make sure you grab some baby wipes before hand because you'll be using a  non washable paint to withstand the outdoor elements.  
The kiddos had so much fun painting the pumpkin that they didn't want to stop so we grabbed more paint and more pumpkins.  
Step 4: Clean up your mess
 We are so very thankful that this darling girl gets to enjoy food this year.  Of course we know that most houses we go to for trick or treat will not have a Teal Pumpkin.  I stocked up on her only chocolate bar from Enjoy Life, and some safe lollipops/gummies, stickers, and play dough; my plan is to let her "trade" her goodies she collects with Mallie Lynn safe treats.
I think she understands how great these pumpkins are.  
We hope you do too!  
Excuse me, is that dairy/soy free candy for me mama?????
So won't you help us?  Spread the word, spread this post, and head to your local Dollar Tree, Target $1 bin, or Amazon to find a few non-food treats to pass out this Halloween. 

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