Sunday, September 25, 2016

Two years of knowing Heaven on Earth. Mallie Lynn Estelle

At 8:54am today in the sweetest of moments we celebrated our sweet girl's 2nd year of life.  The smells of birthday breakfast filling the house, the sound of Henry singing a birthday song on the guitar and the feel of her in my arms while we swayed.  I'm so thankful for that moment, and all the others before it.  She has brought us joy, love, and laughter beyond our wildest dreams.  A year ago we celebrated the darling that she is and I can not believe the abundant and glorious changes we've seen in her since then.  She is fueled by love, surrounds us in sass, melts us with sweetness, takes our breath with beauty, produces belly laughs with her silly's, and surprises us with smarts.  She is Mallie Lynn Estelle.  Our sweet girl we love you so and are filled with joy and thankfulness as we celebrate you today.  you turning two.  

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  1. ooh what a cute baby. thanks for ur amazing posting it is so fun and cool. ألعاب الفلاش