Thursday, September 8, 2016

Closing out Summer

When you arrive at the lake it's important to get your game face on,
have a swim before dinner, and play a good game of battleship with your Pop and cousins. 
 Going to bed is a pretty big treat when you get to listen to Nanny tell a captivating story.  
The weekend was weather perfection which made for a wonderful setting for family fun.  Mom and Dad were so gracious to host all the cousins for a camp out houseboat style.  We set out for a cruise down the lake on Saturday morning after a wonderful night at the dock.  The kids had a blast taking turns at the helm and I had a blast actually having a need to wear my Sperry's.  Running ropes to cleats and feeding them up the shoreline put me in a seriously happy place.   The kids had an adventure filled time as they scouted the shore for geodes, found sticks for a bonfire, searched for treasures, rode the sea-doo and swam in the lake.  
 My little buddy asked to borrow my sunglasses while I gave him a belly rub.  I'd say that's a pretty rough way to ride down the lake.

Evidence of boys on an adventure can be seen on their faces.  This sight was observed more than once and Henry liked to call it his "worker man" look.  

There were marshmallows for roasting and s'mores to smack our lips on.  Even sweet Mallie Lynn was able to participate in the gooey goodness thanks to Annie's graham crackers and Enjoy Life chocolate bars.  
Waking up to this view and watching the kids throw rocks in their pjs was a priceless moment. 
BIG rocks
l i t t l e        rocks
this is the look of a girl who is about to use her spider killing skills.  
None of us were ready to leave the lake, easy to see why.  When God's creation can be enjoyed both in nature and family I feel like a girl filling up a treasure box.  More precious than gold are these memories.

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