Friday, September 2, 2016

Gifts of His love.

Several weeks ago we had one of my favorite evening of the summer.  A hot summer night was spent enjoying the company of my grandparents as we ate dinner and watched our children play.  What a delight to watch my children love and be loved by two of the most important people in my world.  

In the treasure box of my most precious memories I will tuck tightly the night my Granny blew bubbles for my children's delight.  
In all the blessings God has given me there are not many things that can compare to a life lived enjoying 33 years with grandparents who feel like a cross between friends and parents.  The mile high pile of cherries on top is the time I've been given watching my grandparents transform into great grandparents.  Amazing how God can take something wonderful and make it even better.  These are four glorious gifts of love.

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