Monday, September 19, 2016

the making of a boy.

Another milestone was reached for our sweet Henry on his journey through boyhood.  This past week as he suited up for his first t-ball game.  His bat has seen a lot of hits, his glove many catches but always from the comfort of his own backyard.  He has been so excited about being on a real team and the preparation of it all has brought much joy to our hearts.  Being handed his team shirt and getting to enter a dugout as a player felt super cool to him.  Then there was the trip to Dick's Sporting Goods aka "Sports Goodies" (according to Henry), to pick up REAL cleats and baseball pants.  
Cheering him on in his first game was fun and entertaining.  We saw everything from a great hits and throws, to playing in the dirt and climbing fences.  Henry made a hit each time he got to bat, one of which popped up pretty nice and according to him "went as high as the moon. "  When asked if he could hear us cheering for him he replied "Yes, I hear you and all the other people; I knew everyone would cheer for the Gophers!"
 His littlest fan is far from fair weather.  She loudly yells "Go Henwy!" Run Run Run da bases!" And when a potty break was needed for our big leaguer mid game, she clapped and yelled "Go Henwy Go!"
 I love a reason to celebrate and that's just what we did to close out his first game.  Graham Slam ice cream in his Reds ice cream helmet.  My big and wonderful boy!  I hope that he has fun as he plays and learns those little lessons found on a field being a part of a team.

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