Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Filling the Calendar With Family

Well it's Wednesday and I'm just now posting pictures from our busy weekend.  We were go, go, go with non stop family fun.  Which I guess has carried over into my work week.  I am happily looking forward to Friday.

Friday night we celebrated my brother in laws 35th birthday.
Saturday we made our way out into the countryside where we could breath in the cool fall air as we watched my little cousin get married.  Surrounded by horses and swaying willow branches they said their I Do's under a crisp blue sky.
It was a great evening to see my Mom's side of the family with aunt's and cousins that we don't often see.  Henry couldn't have been better, waking half way through the service he never made a peep.  His pleasant disposition and voice could be heard through the wedding speeches. 

My good lookin' family.  :)   What a handsome daddy and beautiful mommy I have.
Sunday we put our invisible cloaks on and hid on a patio as we joined all 26 of my aunts, uncles and cousins for a surprise party honoring my Pepaw.  He was completely caught off guard and pleasantly surprised!  My aunt Cindy created the theme and hosted an Around the World in 80 Days party to celebrate his 80th bday.  My Granny's birthday is the day before his and so we had double the fun partying along!
Each family took a different country and made food from that area and created a tablescape to go with it.  
The pictures can't do this spread of food justice.  It was all amazing.

Mexico brought a pinata.  I couldn't imagine anything more fun on your 80th birthday than to hit a pinata can you?
And this is what was in the pinata. 
Ok, well minus the kids. 
Henry had the pleasure of meeting his uncle Greg and cousin Anna for the first time.
What a fabulous family we have been blessed with.  The weekend was crazy busy but these are the moments and memories I'll cherish years down the road.  I feel so blessed to have this family, and especially blessed to have the most perfect Pepaw whom I had the pleasure of seeing turn 80.  :)  Lucky me.


  1. What a picturesque wedding! The backdrop was amazing and you got some great shots! Your family is super cute :)

  2. Ya'll got some good genes :) Beautiful family!