Friday, September 28, 2012

Foto Reel Friday-25

I know I say it every week, but this one was really a blur.   I felt busier than usual (hence the one blog post all week) and can't wait to cuddle my little man for the next three days straight.  
Emotionally this week has been harder than others as a momma.  My little precious is growing up, and it seems like the tiny ways he can change in one day really add up.  Knowing I can never go back to what was before makes me a little sentimental but I love each new moment we are in. 
In the past three days he has begun sitting in a semi stable way when we play on the floor or have him on our laps.  He is reaching for everything and has really gotten the hang of being a big boy and eating his cereal.  Because of his new love for trying to sit and strengthening abs, our bath time has become interesting, not sure how long the little whale tub will last us now.  
I took less pics than usual......which for this Mommarazi is saying something.  :)  But here is a cap on our week.  
His first pair of big boy baby shoes.  I think he looked uber handsome in this outfit showing off his meaty lil' legs.
He has become more independent during play time and is giving his exersaucer a run for it's money.  

 We enjoyed a taste of fall weather last Friday in the brisk morning air with Leigh-Ann and Savannah.  Both babies sported their hats and looked cute as a pair of buttons. 
 He showed off his fabulous smile and growing love for giggles. 
 He passed out.  On more than one occassion, if only we could make that happen at night more often.  :)
 He has become a professional pianist on his first instrument evah!  Looks like Mommy and Daddy will be getting serenaded this evening. 
Welcome to the weekend!  We will be out enjoying the 70 degree highs and hopefully sporting scarves in the mornings.  Yay FALL!


  1. It's so amazing to see how they grow up, and they grow up so fast.
    These pictures of your little guy are beautiful. How old is he?

  2. Very sweet pictures! I remember when my now 2 year old was that little. The moments are so fleeting!

    Found you from the linkup. Newest follower!

    Come and say hi!