Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tough Times.

Today was hard. 
Tuesdays are typically a long day for me because after school we have faculty meetings to attend.  This puts me getting home later than usual.  Throw in an evening event with the lovely BarreAmped Lululemon trunk show and that 
equals = 
1.5 hours with my little man today.
Can we say not enough?
I dreaded this day away from him like the plague but had no idea how much it effected me till I walked in the door 15 minutes past his bedtime.  Tears immediately filled my eyes and I couldn't believe how terribly I'd missed him.  I wondered how many smiles, giggles, and coos happened today without me there as a witness.  
Then God did this thing that he's really good at, He brought me back to the truth.  As I whisked Henry off to nurse him before putting him in bed I watched him rubbing his tired eyes and I felt peace.  I sat there in our glider enjoying the small moment I had.  As I placed him in his swaddle and hummed our little lullaby he began to talk, and jabber, and coo so loudly that I had to laugh.  
It continued for a good 5 minutes.  I laid the baby boy whom just moments earlier was falling asleep in my arms down in his crib.  He was having a full blown, one sided, loud conversation with me.  
As if to say, "Hey Mom, it's ok let me tell you all about my day."  Through his smiling coo filled lips, he told me about how he missed me, how he had fun but not quite as much as when I am with him.
  I propped my head on my hand in his crib and listened while staring at him in his joyful little eyes.
Those five minutes made my day.  
Then I gently laid my hand on his chest and shhhhed him to sleep.

I realize that on a day like today, especially, I must think on the good.  Because it's the good that feeds us.

I'm thankful for the 1.5 hours I got with my baby boy.  There are mothers all across our nation who would give ANYTHING for an hour and a half with their child once more.  But they can't have it, their child's life was robbed from them as their sweet little souls played in their daycare at the World Trade center 11 years ago.   
Tonight I count my blessings.   I pray that God can help my to count them all the time.  The ones that last 5 minutes and the ones that last a lifetime.  This is what I should dwell on.  

Shout with Joy to God, all the earth.  Psalm 66:1


  1. So glad I found your adorable blog! Love it! xo.

  2. Glad you got some sweet time with your precious baby boy! And yes, we must remain thankful for the beauty of mere moments with our little ones :)

    1. Thanks Blair. They are beautiful moments for sure.

  3. What a sweet mama heart post. The last moments of the day are such blissful times, aren't they? I love watching my baby doze as she nurses to sleep, coo and "talk" and just look so angelic on my lap. So happy your perspective is so positive. Enjoy every second with your cutie boy.

    1. Thank you Jelli, your comments always brighten my day!

  4. Found you through Monday Mom's Musings....

    This is beautiful! It's those "head in hand watching your baby" moments that I live for! It's so awesome that God knows exactly when and how to grab our attention and bring us back to perspective, isn't it?!

    Glad I found you!

    Jill @

    1. Jill you couldn't be more right! So happy to have you hear on Port of Thoughts. :)

  5. Beautifully written! You are such a strong mama! Thank you for inspiring me!

    The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  6. What a great post and such a positive attitude. I admire you!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  7. What a beautiful, well-written post. Thank you for the reminder to take in the moment and appreciate the good. Thanks too for the visit today.