Friday, September 21, 2012

Foto Reel Friday-24

Foto Reel Friday week 24.  
Another huge week for us here with two milestones going on!
He tried food for the first time, getting his taste of cereal and loving it!
 I was completely surprised by his excitement and big boy moves.  I had to hold his hands down to keep him from trying to grab the spoon and shovel it in himself. 
He cut his second tooth to get him ready for chomping on bigger and better things.  :)
He had a nice visit with his great grandparents on their birthday week!  (they both celebrate big days this weekend!  :)   

 Had good amounts of male bonding as he wrestled his daddy.
 Attended his first tailgate in our backyard. 
Wore sunglasses like a cool dude.
 He attended a birthday party that involved hanging with some of the coolest dudes in town, big and small.  
Along with his body his personality is growing.  This boy gets more cuddly, funny, goofy, and sweet with each passing day.  
 He enjoyed an afternoon walk that involved a hoodie as he experienced his first taste of fall ever!
 Had a visit from his sweet auntie Sarah who love him so.
 Happy Friday Ya'll!


  1. He is getting so BIG! Sounds like Henry and Owen are doing soo many of the same things! So fun!

  2. Love all the pictures of the guys and the babies. Too cute!

    julie @ Naptime Review