Friday, May 10, 2013

Bedtime Memories

 You have the sweetest little soul inside of you.  Your ability to cuddle and melt my heart at bedtime is a deeply guarded treasure of mine.  You are no longer a wiggle worm at night.  You know your routine.  Each night we sit and your comfy rocking chair reading stories together and sometimes with Daddy too.  You listen intently now as your eyes flicker back and forth across the pages soaking up every last drop of illustration and listening to every word uttered from lips. 
The other night while reading Time for Bed  I read the words "It's time to sleep, little deer, little deer.  The very last kiss is almost here. Your body started to change positions as you sat up off of your lounged position and leaned towards the book.  I thought you were were going to help me turn the page, or maybe point to the deer’s eye, but instead you turned mommy to mush.  

 Pressing your face to the pages of the book you gave the little deer a kiss.  As a teacher I must say I’m impressed with your listening comprehension....... 13 months old.  You are smart.  

 Sweeter moments I can’t imagine.  Thank you for being amazing, wonderful you.  

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