Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Days After You Arrived.

The moment you arrived a rush of happiness entered our lives as if we were a balloon being constantly filled with happy helium.  That feeling extended outside our little hospital room, filled the hallways of the hospital, and touched our family anxiously sitting in the waiting area.  
Your Grandparents taking a good look at your handsome features.

The new grandfather loving what he sees.

Your great grandparents. (Great Granny and Pepaw that is)  :)

Your two wonderful aunts.  :) 

Your proud and super cool uncle Chris.

Then you decided to show us your eyes and throw us overboard into a love fest.  

That night your Daddy and I sat watching over you as the best day of our lives, got a little bit better.  Ya know the cherry on top kind of better.  :)  
Your first sporting event happened to be watching our beloved Kentucky Wildcats when their 8th NCAA National Championship.  (Some of us think that's why you wanted to get here so badly.) 
The following day you had a joyous group of visitors coming to see how wonderful you are.
Aunt Leigh-Ann, who is caring your best girl friend Savannah Elizabeth.  You will be her little bodyguard.  :)

Your wonderful aunt Nami, whose going to make sure her baby boy Kiran shows you how to grow big and strong.

Aunt Ali came to see you.  Her little man Woods will show you how to throw a ball and generally smile 100% of the time.

Your Aunt Lauren is going to love you to pieces.  She will make your stomach hurt a lot when you're older from laughing so hard. :) 

Aunt Lauren and aunt Sarah brought along little Reagan who is quite the Cougar.  :)  

We spent the rest of our day and night loving and holding you.  It was almost a surreal moment.  We had to pinch ourselves constantly to remember you were real and ours forever.  

We love you Henry Boo.


  1. SO PRECIOUS! He looks like an angel baby! And you can see how loved he is in all of these pictures! What a perfect little family :)

  2. Thanks so much. :) We find him to be pretty dagon fabulous! :)