Saturday, September 20, 2014

Catching a tiger by it's tail.

We recently took Henry to Cincy for his first trip to the zoo.  He of course just loved the fact we were heading to Cincinnati and expected to see a baseball player or two because of our location, instead he was greeted by giraffes, lions, and penguins. 

He requested to see the giraffes, gorilla, armadillo, and bears, all of which we were able to find, minus the armadillo.  He got a complete kick out of watching the penguins as they waddled to the water and jumped in. 
 The train ride, bears, hugging monkeys, and tiger were all highlights of the trip in the eyes of this 2 year old.  
 We spotted the tigers at the end of the trip when everyone was exhausted, but that didn't stop him from finding a sudden burst of energy to pace back and forth with a large striped cat, saying "hey tiger, tiger and singing to it."  :) 
A great day with our sweet boy making memories that will last us a lifetime.  Next time we hit the zoo it will be as a family of four!

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