Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Foto Reel-53

 April 8th - this boy made my heart melt when he stretched out his arms and said "mama, mama" for the first time. 

April 9th-while hanging out in the kitchen with me he began a game of sitting on the tile and then standing straight up on his own.
 He would giggle and grin with cheeks raised up expressing just how proud he was.  

Then he put one foot in front of the other.   one. two. three steps on his own into my arms.  :)
Pure delight!!!!!  He repeated the standing and stepping but never more than three that day.  

Over the last week he has continued to experiment with taking steps on his own.  Sometimes between Barry and I and sometimes on his own.  He is still more comfortable crawling places and is quite wobbly when he does but his time is coming quickly.  I'm breaking out the elbow pads and helmets and will likely be strapping pillows to every corner in our house.  

 Where's Henry?
 Oh there he is!
 PJ's and wooden toy cars made by Pop = a good  morning.
We Got outside for some fresh air fun. 
He spent time looking up to one of the coolest two year olds he knows, Woods.

He had a party in the bath.  
A big week in the world of milestones and just another week of fun loving this little gift of life.  

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