Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Henry's 1st Birthday Party!


 I had tons of fun planning this party.  The idea for a hot air balloon party theme was inspired by my favorite book to read to him at night, Go To Sleep My Love.  On one of the pages a magical glowing hot air balloon seems to take life as it flies up into the air with the dreams. 
So what a fun theme for a little boy who just seems to keep growing Up, Up, Up!

With an unseasonabley cool spring we were beyond delighted to have God bless us with a gorgeous 77 degree day.  We set everything up

We had plenty of finger foods and goodies for big kids and adults alike. 
I loved the way the colorful Trix Krispies treats and fruit kabobs turned out. 
These cookies were my first attempt at trying to be all Martha Stewart professional over here.  I used the 6 day schedule of making cookies, icing, coloring, decorating from Sweetopia.  Everything turned out completely perfect.  I won't say they were easy, the royal icing turne out to be a HUGE endeavor and I may have been up later than I wanted a couple nights but honestly I could see cookie making becoming a fun little hobby.  That is, if we didn't mind seeing icing on the counter for a week.  :) 
Not to mention I thought they were pretty darn tasty.  Mmmmmm

For the guest cake I kept with the colorful theme of our hot air balloons and made a rainbow striped cake.  Simple on the outside and a pure party of stripes on the inside.

The first thing I ordered were these adorable invites. 
They gave me an inspiration for lots of colors in the decor.
I had tons of fun creating and setting up all the party decorations.  It gave me a fun reason to get my craft on and wipe the dust off of my Cricut.
I made a couple hot air balloon models out of paper lanterns, scrapbook paper, twine, and a party favor box.  The banners were made from fabric jelly rolls tied to yarn. 

The bunting banners were created using card stock, bias tape and hot glue.   
I made a wreath using Henry's invitations and made a mini bunting with coordinating fabric and a burlap ribbon.  
 Using one picture from every month I made a growth banner by placing the pictures in order on coordinating card stock and hung with rafia ribbon.  
 It was really neat to see how much he changed from month to month and to compare the growth and personality that came out in the pictures.  

Henry's favorite decoration were the balloons.  He could have been entertained all day by watching them flap in the breeze.
Or.....Maybe it was the cake.....

The anticipation of its arrival.............


A cake made by mommy with love for my little Henry Boo.  Carrot, apple raisin cake with cream cheese frosting.  I think he approves.

We invited family and a small number of our close friends and were blessed by the company of many.  It meant a lot to us to have such loving family and great friends (who are like family) their to let us know they care about Henry.

We were so happy to have his Great Granny and Great Pepaw there!!!
Proud grandparents.
The Birthday boy's day truly couldn't have been better.  It was everything I could have hoped for him.   First he took it all in and tried to figure out what was going on.  He soon warmed up (after some licks of icing) and became a non stop crawling laughing, playing machine.
After a bath of icing and cake was complete we wiped down the little man and set him free.  This basket was the only place he wanted to be.  Creating games as usual he began ducking down inside to pet the grass springing up betwean the weave and then popping up with a grin of peekaboo! 

This boy has truly captured our hearts.

My thoughts on this past year are overwhelming at times.  It's amazing what he has done for our little world already!
Thanks to all who helped make this party a success.  Thank you for everyone who came to show or called to tell us about your love for our little boy.  Thank you to Karen for helping with food and party set up.  Thank you to Barry for being a huge help and putting up with my crazy, glue gun using, fabric cutting, cookie baking, icing making, cake layering, party planning self.
Henry had such a grand day and made it apparent with a long hard nap following the days events.
Happy 1st Birthday love bug!


  1. Happy birthday, Henry!! What a fun party!! Way to go on those cookies!! They are beautiful!

  2. Love the pics! Going to send my d-I-l the link, little Claire's 1st birthday is in Jan. great ideas here!

  3. Henry’s 1st Birthday Party was outstanding! Those decorations and all the party food items look great dear. You seem to be a huge fan of colors for such parties. You know I just had hosted the rainbow styled birthday party for my little girl at the most popular event space Chicago. It was so adorable and everyone truly loved it.