Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Foto Reel week 52

 Spring Break, Easter, and a baby boy turning ONE all in one week!!!!  Whew! 
 Celebrating Townes 2nd birthday! 

We began sleeping like hmmm horse on the head.  
 He tried out his new set of wheels on the back door.  Vroooommmmm Vrooooooooomm.
 Daddy rocked me to sleep. 
 He had the weather to try out his new swing......this face says it all.  He is a fan. 
Watching Birthday cookies bake.  
 We celebrated his birthday in a super fun and special way! 
 We took a trip to the Lexington Children's Museum for the first time.  At first he cried but after about 20 minutes he let completely loose and had a big ol' time! 
 Not amused by a juggling clown. 
For no reason at all he let me cuddle him.  Rocking in the chair and looking at me for a good 35 minutes.  It was heaven that I only wish I could bottle up. 
 We took a family ride on our bikes using Henry's little ride along trailer.  He was so relaxed we thought he was going to fall asleep. 

And a little time just soaking up being a one year old, being a boy and collecting treasures.

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