Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Year of Knowing Heaven on Earth.

10:07am April 2, 2012
For the past year I have been enjoying my growing slice of heaven on earth.
 It seems like 10 years have past since I held you for the first time and in the same instance feels like 10 seconds.  You have grown and changed so much in this 1st year, just as everyone said you would.  It's not that time goes by any quicker after having a child but more like the depth of time grows deeper.  Never before have I had something so amazing to measure time by.  The amount of changes you have gone through in 365 days is nothing short of a miracle.  I am more amazed at God and his glory as each day passes and I watch a new petal peel away from the ever blooming flower you have become. 
I can look back on each stage you have encountered and say that I savored every last drop of goodness from it.  I can close my eyes and feel your soft new wrinkly skin.  I can hear the short sweet breaths of your tiny 5.13oz body.  I can see the first time you reached for me.  I can hear your soft screechy cries.  I can see the look on your face when I come home from work, I can hear the squeal you ring out seeing Daddy walk through the door. 
And I can feel the weight of my heart as it grew immensely more with each passing day.
The biggest delight in being your mother has been getting to know you, who you are, and what your personality is like.  Though I loved and cherished little infant you I didn't yet know who you were.  I think that's why we parents can truly say we love you a little more each day.  Each day you bloom into the person God made you to be and each day I realize I simply can't get enough. 
Enough of your smiles, laughs, cries, your silly faces, your newly discovered voice, and the curiosity behind your strong willed personality.  You are happy to the core, full of emotion and spunk.  You make yourself laugh and yet are sensitive to your feelings.  
You are the biggest source of joy this side of heaven. 
Happy 1st birthday Henry.  You are prayed for and loved beyond words my sweet baby.  You are soooooo loved.


  1. Elizabeth, this is so beautifully said! He will love reading it some day :)

  2. Happy b-day, Henry! Give my love to your little guy :)