Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Surprise

Friday night we had the pleasure of being part of a great friends surprise 30th Birthday party.  
Ali pulled off an amazing fun party without even the slightest hint being given away that something was in the works.  :)
The Plan:
We all met at Merrick in one of the quaint little upstairs rooms and waited patiently for the boys arrival.  Barry and Rob scooped up John and had planned to go "grab a drink" somewhere that night and they ended up having at Merrick. 
It all went as planned and as you can see here:

It all went off without a hitch.  :)  He was completely surprised.

We spent the night enjoying great food, laughing and talking so loud people kept looking in our room to see what all the fun was about!  :)  

It was a great celebration and ended with a yummy chocolate raspberry cake from Caramanda's  Mmmmm! 

 Way to go Ali!  You pulled off a great one!

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