Monday, November 21, 2011

The Amazing Race

On Saturday I thought I was headed to Louisville to take the ESOL Praxis test.  Apparently I was wrong, as it turned out to be something a little more like being a contestant in Amazing Race. 
Lauren and I rode up together since we were both tackling the beast that day.  Somehow even with two iPhone's in our car we somehow managed to be confused about how to get to UofL's campus.  After several phone calls to boyfriends, husbands, and local Louisville residents we finally understood we needed to take 65 which would take us straight to campus.

But then we saw this.....a Big Orange CLOSED sign right across the 65 exit.  

Yep, that's right 65 closed going North and South.  
Next step find another way.  Which meant we would be going through downtown to get there.  "That's fine we thought we left with plenty of time.....
Ah but then we see people wrapped in foil?  Runnin down the streets?  Oh yes my friends a race downtown, with full on road blocks right where we need to go.

 So Lauren jumps out of the car to ask a cop how we can get around it...... 
 We circle downtown, go back up the way we came for Lauren to jump out once more and ask a second cop to move the road block for us.  Stopping traffic, dodging cars and runners, this is how we made it with only 15 minutes to spare to our test.  
Needless to say it took us more than a moment to get our mind right and ready to take a test.  I'm pretty sure I'll be taking this test again in the future....but hopefully it won't involve a wild goose chase.  :)  

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