Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall at the Lake

A few weeks ago when Barry was out of town, Kman and I headed down to the houseboat for a fun weekend with the family.   I picked Elise up from Katie and Lucas' house and had a fun filled time sharing laughs with my lil' niece.  

Mom and Dad always have such a blast with her and are always thinking of new things to do with her.  We carved a pumpkin and let her experience the squishy goo inside the pumpkin. 

 We carved a face and then I asked her to smile like the pumpkin.....this is what we got.  :)
I had purchased the book Pinkalicious for her and hoped that she would like it.  She wouldn't let me read it to her, no it had to be her Pop.  :)  Over the course of the weekend it was read about 5 times total at her request!  :)  Score!
Sleep on the houseboat is usually like no other.  The light rock and sway of the water, the soft creaks of the tug and pull from the dock puts me in a mini coma.  Not on this night though.  Elise was up most of the night wailing about what.....we are not sure.  I began to think about the many sleepless nights in my future......
But then morning came and we awoke to this.  A little blond haired sweetheart, in footed monkey pajamas and a sweet smile on her face.  

 We had a lovely afternoon and took a nice boat ride to enjoy the fall colors in the trees.  On our journey we found the perfect little spot for a bonfire which included grilling hot dogs, eating sandwiches, and roasting the biggest marshmallows known to man! 

 Kman loved exploring the shore almost as much as Elise.  Though the water was cold nothing was going to stop this little water baby from playing in the lake a bit.  She dragged mom along with her saying "Nanny Hwim"  (Nanny Swim).  :)

It was the perfect little fall break get away.  The only thing that could have been better was to have my Barry there too.  :) 

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