Wednesday, June 15, 2011

End of the rope

Well I thought grad school would be a much easier task once school let out. This is not the case. I have found myself at the end of my rope.   Due to a collision in the atmosphere of all things normal I am in an epic tornado of work. Ya know, if it can go wrong it will right?  I currently have two weeks worth of work due on Friday.  That's four chapter reviews, forum write ups and research work.  Oh and did I mention that I found out I have the wrong textbook?  I felt stressed about all this but am leaving it to the bigger things.  It will all get done some way some how so "let not my heart be troubled" right?

The end of the rope is a different place for many people. Sadly all my worries have been put into perspective today. One of our Southern students lost his father last night, as he was shot in front of his house. My problems will not matter a year from now and I must remember that. My prayers are with them.

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  1. Praying for you during this loss and for your studies as well. May God grant you peace, friend.