Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two fun days in one Father's Day and Elise's Birthday

My oh my what blessings we have been given.  Barry and I both think the world of our Dad's and have the privilege of holding wonderful relationships with them both.  Today we celebrated Father's Day and know that we are blessed to have had them at all, and are thankful for each day in our life God gives us to continue to enjoy those relationships. 

We drove from State Dock to Somerset in quite a thunderstorm.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by mom and gave Dad his Father's day gifts and multiple hugs.  We were able to have some really great hang out time with him which was much enjoyed.
We also had the privilege of celebrating Elise's 2nd birthday!  What a cutie she was as she blew out her candles.  She did not want the fun to stop! You can see it in action here. We sang to her once and she loved it so much that she didn't want it to end.  I'm pretty sure she asked for us to light the candles "more hot" and sing "happy, happy" to her over a dozen times, which of course we did!!!!  Her sweet and funny little personality is amazing and we certainly enjoyed having her entertain us! 

 Barry saw these pink and purple golf clubs over a month ago but he immediately knew Elise had to have them.  She enjoyed playing with them! You can watch her teaching me to golf here.   It was cute to watch her try to imitate her Uncle Barry.  :)
 Elise loves to bang on the piano at home and so Lucas and Katie got her a small little version for her to write her own concertos on.  :)  I wonder if her first piece will be a bigger hit than Fur Elise?

After our fun in Somerset we headed up to Lexington to celebrate Don on Father's day.  Karen had prepared a great meal and marinated meat which Barry grilled for us all.  We had a relaxing evening with Don, Karen, Chris and Kman!  Don genuinely enjoys having us all there so much and you can tell that even when he's just sitting back listening to us talk about something silly it is a cherished time to moment to him.  We ended the evening with delicious strawberry shortcake (one of my favorite summer treats). 
Yes God has blessed us with many things, but our family has to be the tops!

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