Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new ride

I feel like summer just officially started for me this week.  As things have finally slowed down a little bit I have been able to spend time on gradschool while also enjoying the finer things in life (like being a teacher in the months of June and July).  Monday evening Barry put my bike together!  My perfect little hybrid Schwinn.  She is a beauty and will look like a classic pinup for decades to come!

Tuesday Morning I did the unthinkable......I Elizabeth Cooper, queen of sleep, awoke at 5am to go workout with BarreAmped at 6am!!!  I have become obsessed with the class, and truly think it's the most fun you could have working out while also feeling like your being beat up at the same time.  :)  (ya know muscles shaking, hair sweating....the good stuff)  It was a great way to start my day and I enjoyed another round of it this morning!  Whoohoo!  After class both days I have taken my new ride on a stroll.  We have a great biking bath close to our house that takes me farther than I can imagine exploring yet.
I love the freedom on the bike.  

The way 94 degrees and swampy somehow feels comfortable as you create your own breeze.  

Being surrounded by breaths of sweet southern summer Magnolias.

Remembering what a bike meant as a kid.

The possibility of it's future:ice cream runs, a basket filled with goodies(or Keightley), racing Barry, strapping it to our car so we can ride along the beach, and someday adding a seat to the back that will hold a kid who will enjoy my peddling.

Yes, I didn't just purchase a bike I think I made a new friend.

Barry putting the finishing touches on the bike.  He did a fabulous job assembling my new ride!
Here she is ready to go on another adventure!

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