Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Done Right

Barry and I woke up on Saturday with bike's on our mind.  We have both been wanting them since our trip to Cali, so we decided to go to some yardsales to see what we could find.  We didn't end up with a bike but found two estate sales that both entertained us and gave us a few trinkets.  (more on the Estate sale to come)
I received a shocking text from Jennifer that Harper was here!  Just yesterday I had accompanied her for a day of relaxation and now the baby girl had arrived!  Wow that was quick.  She came into the world a week early and obviously ready to be here.  She is a healthy baby girl weighing in at 8lbs. 3oz.  I am so excited to meet her!

  Around noon we headed back home for some lunch, a swimsuit change, and a sunscreen slathering party.  We met Alison, John, Woods, Elizabeth and Addie at the Signature Club for a day of relaxing and playing poolside.  Addie was in town from Louisville and it was so good to catch up with her.  She's one of those friends who you could go without seeing for 2 years and get together and have fun just like the good old days.  (minus our nightly adventures)  ;)  Ali wasn't feeling well and decided to head back home for a while to rest with Woods.  Barry and John played basketball and volleyball while Addie and I soaked up the sun and a possible Cruzan bucket or two.  During a volleyball match John lost his ring while going for a ball, this left him in a bit of a panic searching through the sand accompanied by Barry, 6 pool kids eager to treasure hunt, and eventually a metal detector.  The ring finally turned up by a 10 year old boy and all and all left us with a funny story for the day.  :)    Later Alison met us back at the pool where we all relaxed in the shade while we waited to watch the Belmont.
      Everyone met back up for a great dinner at Regatta, where we extended the fun well past Wood's bedtime.  :)  What a great Saturday.

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