Friday, June 10, 2011

A Party for Baby Z!

What's more sweet than a husband and wife madly in love, about to bring a child in this world?  Jodi and Lindsay carrying Baby Z.  

In the past year they have been through so much.  Yet I have never met a more sincere and genuinely nice couple in my life.   A shower was thrown for them at the Bachman's by Sara and Carmel.  Unfortunately, Barry could not attend, he was in attendance at the annual KET fundraising event at Donamire Farms.  I spent the earlier part of my day hanging out with Jennifer and Tiffany at the Signature Club.  Jennifer was feeling great and looked like the cutest swimsuit wearing pregnant woman ever!  We ran into Lauren too while we were there and had a great time relaxing, chatting, and enjoying the summer weather!
I drove up to Louisville and headed to Jodi and Lindsay's to hang out with her for a bit before heading to the shower.  She is 35 weeks right now and is still undetectably pregnant from behind with a round little basketball adorning her front. :)  The shower was decorated in an adorable fashion with lots of yummy foods to help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Z.  It was great to see the Louisville gang, and both Barry and I wish that our visits with them were more frequent.  Carmel and Eric's beautiful little Mary Quinn entertained us all night with her happy dancing personality, while Milly and Clarabelle kept us cooing over the cute twinness!  :)
 Baby Z was given many cute gifts and trinkets, some practical and some fun.  I went with practical for the moment but am dying for him to be here with the big name reveal so I can celebrate him Southern style, monogram's all around!  We pray for a blessed and easy delivery of a healthy baby boy! 

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  1. Glad you had fun at the shower! Lindsay looks great and the boys look like they're having fun. Can't wait to meet baby Z!