Friday, June 24, 2011

Pure Summer

Yesterday was a hot, windy, and at times stormy day.  After another early day of BarreAmped class I came home to work on grad school projects.  Barry called me for a lunch date as we dropped off they Sonata for new tires.  On our way back we heard a tornado warning for Versailles and watched as the winds picked up and sky darkened ahead.  We headed to Qdoba quickly and as we stepped out to the parking lot we noticed the pop up thunderstorm was turning into something bigger.

It was a creepy thing to see and had us on our toes for a few minutes!

We enjoyed our lunch together.  I love having that time with Barry in the middle of the day!  It's such a treat!  Another Summer blooming flowers!

We ate dinner outside on the patio.  The wind was still going strong but seemed to be bringing in a cooler temperature.  Watching the lightning bugs appear and greet the night we lingered outside with our books and vino and candles.  I had a craving for frozen yogurt and had recently seen a yummy recipe in Better Homes and Gardens.  So, all proud I whipped it up and when we were ready I put it in our ice cream maker, and turned it on.......only to figure out that I had forgotten how to use it.  (we haven't used it in a year, don't laugh)  Apparently you have to freeze the bowl before you can put the concoction inside, who would have thunk it?
So dessert plan B went to work.  Mom and Dad got this for me when I was in college because I loved roasting mallows on my trips with the Waterski team.

We had a great time making messes of ourselves!  :)   Mmmmmm Mmmm Summer!


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours! so lighthearted and fun to read! im your newest follower :)

    Pretty in Paint

  2. Ah! Thanks for following Mindy! Because of you I have been outside painting today... you got me inspired ;)