Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Wish List

I've always been a dreamer, and have a wishlist that gets added to each day.  Since I'm a July baby my list seems to grow even bigger during this month.  Today I'm participating in a Wish List link party at Love Stitched

So let's see....if I made a wish it might be for

A trip to the beach for a bit.....this beach, ya know the one with clear water so I can see my pretty pedicured toes hit the sand?  
Or a trip to Florence even if just for the day.  To eat at La Giostra and smell the freshly sliced truffles as they hit my pasta dish.....
Or a pull behind a boat, it's been so long since I was able to ski......
More time to do the things that I want in life, like keep a clean house, garden more, work out daily, see the people I love more, craft, sew, take flying lessons again, and relax.

Speaking of time....I'd like to tell time with this on my wrist. 

Found here

Or This

Found here

But if I really think about more time maybe what I should do, is enjoy this chair, finish this book for pleasure I started a year ago, or take a nap in the rarely used hammock......  What are you wishing for today?


  1. oohh LOVE the rose gold watch...and I have been day dreaming of a trip to Fiji for as long as I can remember! It's a good think a girl can dream huh? ;)

  2. Italy sounds nice. And a KitchenAid mixer. Another photography class could be fun. And I wish my sister and her cute kiddos lived closer.

  3. Loving the blog face lift!!! It is fabulous :) On my bucketlist are the following: a chateau in Geneva, Switzerland, publishing a book, and have a family of 4 :)

  4. Oh that's a good list Whit! ;)

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