Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back from the depths of insanity ( long catch up post)

And insanity it was.  Wrapping up finals for my two grad classes. (which landed me 2 more A's for the GPA!) It was torture getting there though.  End of school year to do's were eating a way at me along with trying to get everything in order before the close of the year for our Camp Invention I'm directing in July. 
Little house work was done.  Cooking by me was rare.  Good thing God blessed me with this amazing man! 

Memorial day weekend was busy and fun.  We didn't go to the Miller family reunion this year and instead gave me a moment to relax and work on my research.  We grilled out here with Alison, John and new baby Woods, who is the sweetest most well behaved babe ever!  Jennifer (almost here Harper) and Brian joined us too!  It was a great visit with friends and a taste of summer to come.  It is a strange thing for me to see: friends transforming into mother's.  I haven't quite connected it all yet and it doesn't seem like any of us are old enough or ready for this stuff.  (guess that's how the mind works).  In my spare time (insert laugh) :)  I finished up my sewing project that I had started when my Mom came to visit.  I made my first ever wearable piece which was a hospital gown for expecting momma Jennifer.  Alison had an adorable one made by Meredith when she delivered Woods and I loved the idea.  I wanted to have Mer make one for J but she has also recently delivered a new one and I was surely not going to ask her to begin sewing!  :)  A local shop (cradle will rock) sells hers too but didn't have any instock when I called.  SO.......I started searching for patterns and came up with one mismatched guide here.  So I printed it out, taped it together, added my own twists and wa la!

On Memorial Day Sarah, B and I went over for a nice visit with Granny and Pepaw.  They were both looking and feeling well, which makes me one happy girl!  I you can't tell from the pic, Sarah has experimented with the world of Blonde.  :)

So school is out for the summer!!!  Our last day with the kids was June 3.  We spent Monday cleaning up our rooms and breathing dust bunnies.  Wednesday we had a Teacher Torture day (professional development)  Ah and there's more where that came from next week.  :(  It's a sweet thing to say goodbye to my kids for the summer and I hope they have a great one.  This is what my little L did his last day. Makes me smile!  I'll miss him and many others too! 

 Up until yesterday my garden had been suffering from WPNS (weed pull neglect syndrome).  I had four tomato plants, lettuce, and carrots that were growing vigorously but in need of new friends.  So B and I went to visit our best friends at HomeDepot and gathered up some pals like green, yellow, and petite orange peppers, two bush cucumbers, and two cherry tomato plants.  We also picked up some perenials to add to the beds and pots.  I looked like I had run through a sprinkler after digging, pulling, and planting all day. (10-3).  We have been enjoying our yummy butter crunch lettuce, and have had more than enough for us.  So I've been able to share with neighbors, family, and friends which is always a treat.

Last weekend we had a Sprinkle for my sister Katie, as she brings her second child into the world in August.  Yes Elise is going to be a fabulous big sister!  This time she is having a boy, Noah,  so of course we wanted to celebrate!  Instead of a shower it was a sprinkle of gifts and love!  My mom was a busy bee as she hosted the fun gathering.  Unfortunately, it happened to fall on the same day as my cousin Hunters graduation from Henry Clay.  So, I went to the Sprink in Somerset while Barry went to represent us and congratulate Hunter.
Karen and Nana road down to Somerset with me and we had a nice visit along the way.  I'm so excited to meet this little fella!  Boys are fabulous, and our family won't know what to do with one!

 I started up a new semester in grad school on Monday.  While I'm not excited about it will be much easier with one class and no work!  So I have taken some relax time here and there to celebrate fun with friends and just chill.  Barry and I have enjoyed the little things like sitting on the porch for dinner or a snack in the evening.  Watching a movie, or going for a walk.  I also have more time to attend Barre Amped classes, which I have completely fallen in love with.  I'm sore and enjoying it.  :)

Ahhhh summer.  (oh and the weather is here too! 90's are hitting us daily in KY!)

 So that's what's been happening here.  A little of this, a little of that.  What have you been up to?

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  1. You've been so busy~ looks likes lots of fun though {well, mostly!} Jealous of your garden. I have a few plants, but your food sounds fabulous. Congrats on being finished with another year of school. It's definitely bittersweet. Enjoy your summer!