Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

7 Months old and fabulous. 
If it's possible he has become more joyful.

I believe our monthly photoshoot says it all.  
No longer do we care to just lie next to the puppy.
No, instead we want to touch his furs. 

I really am this cute in person too.
Oh and Toes!  Have you seen my toes guys? 
Curtains?  When did those things get hung there?
Hark, there's an animal crying in the distance.
 Whoah, who put an elephant on my white onesie? 
 Yep, I'm pretty much awesome. 
 Look out Keightley, he's coming after you soon. 
This months milestones came like a flood as you began to:
  • Pass toys from one hand to the next
  • Enjoy laying on your belly and supermanning your arms and legs out to grab objects.
  • Reach for us when you want to be held.  :)  
  • Grab our faces and laugh, sometimes resulting in you attempting to eat your dad's face.
  • Be more vocal and enjoy using new noises any chance you get.
  • Unfortunately got sick for the first time, throwing up on two different occasions. 
Rolling over from your back to belly started out as a fad and became a new means of transportation as well as entertainment for you.

You discovered that:
  • Being on your belly makes you wanna scoot out of curiousity.
  • Everything that you see is a new and exciting venture ready to be explored first by your hands and then your mouth.  You began reaching for everything in sight.
You out grew:
The rock'n play completely when you started trying to sit up in it.  (I may have shed a tear)
The whale tub; instead you now use your bath seat to sit up for scrub a dubs.  
The bumbo and tray for eating, yes instead you use your highchair, which has turned you into a great eater.  
You tried: peas, carrots, mango, apples and carrots, apples and avocado.  You still love sweet potato and bananas.

You are our favorite joy in this world little man.  Keep stealing our hearts.