Friday, November 16, 2012

And now for your regularly scheduled program

We're Back.  After almost three weeks of no blogging we are finally in action again.  
Due to a cracked screen that had to be repaired, followed by a lack of memory on the computer and literally not being able to load one more pic, we finally got everything cleaned off and fixed up.  :)  
So what have we been up to you ask?
Well I'll try to briefly catch us up so we can get on with the show. 
 He attended Kiran's 1st Birthday and had fun watching the other kiddos, listening to music, and meeting his first balloon. Mom, these balls can fly?  Amazzzzzinggg!
 If we thought this guy was fun before we had no idea he would be stepping it up so big.  He is a complete goofball and such a sweetheart at the same time.  Ladies prepare for you hearts to break...that is when he turns 30 and is allowed to date. 
 We had our 2nd ever playgroup and had even more fabulous friends to play with.
Our Baby Line Up looks something similar to a torture room as the cruel moms quickly try to snap a shot of all the joyous faces as they scream with delight.....or something like that.  
 This is the aftermath of a playgroup.

This boy likes to snuggle at night when he's tired, and boy do I take advantage of it. 
Oh bath time how we love thee.  Especially with the addition of toys. 
Week 32 was loaded with fun. 


  1. He is so precious! He looks like a really easy and fun baby :)

    1. Jessica he is such a joy it's hard to believe. :) You're 100% right. Thanks for the sweet comment.