Friday, November 2, 2012

Monster Tour-Costumes 2012

Trick or treat smell my claws give me something good to eat.
We've been feeling quite festive lately.  Over the past few weeks we have gone on a world city wide Monster tour. 
We made a few pre-trick or treat stops to visit his great Nana and Great Granny and Pepaw.   I'm pretty sure this lil' monster was the opposite of scary and brought quite a few smiles to their faces.
On the next leg of the tour he enjoyed showing off his horns and claws to his Gran and Pop. They grins just didn't stop here!  
 I hosted our first ever play date and as you can see all the little tikes were beside themselves with delight over being in costume.  :)  Meanwhile all the moms behind the cameras could hardly hold the shutter button for our belly laughs.  There really isn't much funnier than seeing babies dressed up as unicorns, animals and monsters, oh my!

The final leg of Monster Tour 2012 was trick or treat.
This little guy helped pass out candy to our fabulous neighborhood.   

He helped carve his first pumpkin.  When asked about the look he was going for with our lil' orange gourd he told us that two bottom teeth were all the rage in smiles this year. 
In other costume news, we attended a party at Chris's last week and went for the easiest cheapest costume I've ever made/worn.  I fastened two snouts and ears together with felt and glue and Wah La!
Pigs in a Blanket.

All and all the most successful funfilled Halloween I've ever known.  I know they will only get better as the years pass. 


  1. Ah!
    What a cutie!!
    Great costumes! :)

    You should link up with me over at
    I have a weekly photo challenge and this week's theme is ''Trick or Treat'' :)

  2. LOVE IT! What a cute little monster! My 16 month old was Tom Cruise in Risky Business, and we did a world tour of sorts, too. I think we celebrated Halloween all week, hahaha. Love the pigs in a blanket idea, too!

  3. too cute, the pigs and the monsters :)