Thursday, November 22, 2012

There is Always Something

Hustle bustle, rush around.
Pack the suitcases.
Hit the road.
Whip the potatoes.
Put the rolls in the oven.
Give hugs to family.
Put a lid on the green beans.


Be thankful.  
On a day like today many of us are blessed beyond our wildest dreams to have family and friends to celebrate with.  It's so easy to get caught up in the event and all that goes with it.  I challenge myself and you to stop and truly give thanks.  
 I adore the holidays and Thanksgiving is such a cozy fun time.  This year is more special than before, as we celebrate as a family of three. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
So thank you Lord for blessing me with an amazing family.  For allowing me to live close enough to them where time spent together is not just a once a year fling.  Thank you for friends who feel like family and fill me up with joy.  Thank you for the gift of being a mother and wife.  Thank you for the gift of our savior Jesus Christ and a church home to worship him in.  

P.S.thank you for Charlie Brown.

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