Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moving along.

Tuesday we took the always dreaded glucose test.  Among pregnant women I had talked to they always seemed so stressed out about failing it the first time because that can mean a nice little trip back for a 3 hr test to see if you have gestational diabetes. Good news, glucose is more than good!  Iron levels are low though, so I'll be pumping more spinach into these two bodies than Popeye can shake a stick at!  
We discovered that little man is head down, and apparently has been since 18 weeks.  (I thought my bladder had felt uber heavy lately!)  I feel like I am starting to really know this little guy.  It's hard to explain but I suppose knowing the patterns of when he likes to move and how, anticipating it all has almost become like a conversation.  
Barry and I had another great birthing class this week.  This weeks topic, coping skills!  I believe I will be studying those intensely!  :)  
Meanwhile, operation baby room is under construction.  Let me just make a suggestion my friends, don't try to be a hero and make things yourself.  Pregnancy isn't kind to the brain, and projects that would normally be semi easy can turn into something like assembling the eiffel tower out of toothpicks and honey.  
Don't worry I'll be posting all my fabulous mess ups very soon. 

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